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  1. optimusprime

    Look out for scam from OFFICE 36.COM from Microsoft .

    Jusrt showed up in my in box ..Its a scam ...dont reply to it .
  2. optimusprime

    Remember our friends no longer with us .

    Just a Christmas card in rememberance to a very good friend ,,and also a good forum member - Bruce Millar . And as a reminder to us all . This picture was of Bruce out for a walk with both his dogs painted by his friend .
  3. optimusprime

    Bosch petrol pump copper crush washers part numbers .

    After 6 weeks of searching for 2x Bosch fuel pumps to fit the W124 260E i found the right ones i need .But the parts shop did not stock the copper crush washers to install them . Would any of the members know the location or the part numbers i need .Or help me with locating a crush washer kit...
  4. optimusprime

    Thank you mods for a bit of festive snow .

    Thanks it looks good .
  5. optimusprime

    Mercedes C class Genuine heated washer jets .

    I have these heated washer jets up for sale . I purchased these for my friend .But he did not want them after all .I picked them up just for spares for his car . And secondly they were so cheap and to good to let go at £9.99 the pair .. But he returned them yesterday ,, why he never said ...
  6. optimusprime

    Wheel Cleaner Moose Piss

    Few months ago i ordered a gallon bottle of alloy wheel cleaner with this strange name . I used it once only , and at the time i was not very happy with it . I though it was to harsh for my alloys . Not long after i had an email asking me what i thought about it .I could only tell the truth...
  7. optimusprime

    Wanted SKU 71406 Adaptor for pressure check M103.

    Size is M8 -1.0 This part screws in to the fuel distributor metering head .So i can check fuel pressure .With the help of fuel pressure kit .All the SKU ones i find are in Australia ...
  8. optimusprime

    Mercedes W124 M103 fuel pressure test kit .

    For some time now i have this idea that my car is running on one fuel pump . So i need to purchase off Ebay a fuel pressure test kit . I can see two of these kits .One is small, the other one is much larger .I would like to know what type is going to be the best one to purchase . So i can...
  9. optimusprime

    Wheel identity

    Would any one know what these wheels are called and better still the maker ? All 4 center covers are missing and i need to replace these before i send them off to be refurb .Without these covers i will scrap them. Thanks for looking .
  10. optimusprime

    Parts Shop rip off

    Just been surfing the web for a pair of fuel pumps for my W124 260E M103 and i ended up on a sellers page - Parts for All Cars - with this juicy 50% off . So looking in at the fuel pumps that i needed . I then see this blaitant extortion of a price - £314 for one pump .No wonder...
  11. optimusprime

    Womens football Manchester 3 Everton 1

    I can see no mention of the womens football match last Sunday . What is it guys,, are we all against these girls playing at football .And may be you think its a mans sport . Tell you this , the match i saw would put all the mens games to shame .I was watching this by chance ,.I just turned the...
  12. optimusprime

    Mercedes W124 722/3/4 auto box service .

    Whats the chances that by spinning over the engine, that by chance the torque converter drain plig will line up to remove it ?As anyone been lucky for this to happen ?.Dont fancy removing the radiator cowl to turn the crank over to line the converter up to be able to re,ove it.
  13. optimusprime

    That little red spot on new tyres .important

    Looking in Classic Car Mag yesterday i ended up on the information page . I read ablout new tyres that are fitted that will now have this red or orange dot on the side wall ... I never noticed after i had my new tyres fitted a few weeks ago . Well i find in the mag that the new tyres must...
  14. optimusprime

    Wrong oil put in engine .

    Well i ordered this 5L of Castrol Magnatec 10w40 oil from Eurocarparts . It came and the 5 L bottle looked normal other than it had no information on it to say if it was Semisynthetic , or Fullysynthetic just said it was Magnartec other than use in Gasoline or Diesel . I just...
  15. optimusprime

    Need a head light and fog light Switch for Mercedes W124

    Anyone have one of these headlight switches ,, lost my fog light on the rear fuse ok so it must be the switch .
  16. optimusprime

    Mercedes W124 rear fog light out .

    In a bit of a mess . Took the car to the MOT station yesterday . All was running smooth ,, and then the mechanic said,, you have a fog light out on the rear end . I went over the car last week making sure every light was working as it should . I never gave it a thought about the...
  17. optimusprime

    Fuel pump Mercedes M103 March 1989 - part number information meeded .

    Made up my mind to replace both my fuel pumps asap . But i get so many sellers telling me this is the number and thats the ruight number for my car i am so cinfused . Can i ask if any one with the 260E M103 as ever changed the fuel pumps in the past, and if so, what numbers were they ...
  18. optimusprime

    Reset alarm after car battery replacment C200 W 202 1999

    Any one know how to go about this ? . After we fitted a new battery to my friends W202 all was fine . And the was car used for 3 days, then the alarm goes off , and lights flash untill battery is disconnected . Main thing is - is there a re set feature on the alarm so we can reset it...
  19. optimusprime

    There is only one electric car big enough to tow a caravan.

    As post above ,, This was just put over the local radio .For those with caravans think again about selling your trusty 4x4 . As yet there is only one electric car with the power to tow a caravan and thats the Tesler .. if thats how itis spelt ,well you know the car .
  20. optimusprime

    Belated Happy Birthday Koolvin

    Koolvin sorry mate i was late as usual . But i hope you had a very nice day,
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