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  1. FateSynchro

    W212 E63 - Rear Air Suspension Issues, Help?

    Hi guys, Long time no post... ill try keep it short and sweet so your not reading a million pages to get to the bottom of whats wrong. So basically the problem. I have struts/springs up front (Lowered on H&R's) and rear air thats lowered using link bars. Long story short a pothole was hit and...
  2. FateSynchro

    Wheels - W212 E63

    As per guys... I want some new wheels, been looking at Ispiri FFR1's and the like but im really struggling with offsets and sizes. Fronts seem to come in more common sizes of 8.5" but ideally i'd want to stick with a 9" wide front and a 10" wide rear with a good offset. At the moment any 10"...
  3. FateSynchro

    Brake bleeding URGENT HELP

    Hi, Right e63 W212, I have had my callipers off to be powder coated and I blocked the brake lines. However over the week I've been away at work one of the blanks has come out and the entire system has been bled dry. So I fitted callipers and filled with fluid, I then set about bleeding them in...
  4. FateSynchro

    Oil Temps - E63

    Could someone shed some light on oil temps for me? what is safe and what isnt? the car runs usually around 100-110 if im driving round town or giving it a bit round the back roads. Mostly with street/sprited driving it never ever goes over 115. (Car is a 5.5 BiTurbo running around 730bhp)...
  5. FateSynchro

    E63 5.5, Intercooler and Oil Cooler help???

    Right, So im running a nice tune from msl that takes her to over 700bhp... the problem is with any prolonged use the oil temps and intake temps do start to get up. So to address this is there anything off the shelf that can be used? or would i have to go down the custom route? I want to...
  6. FateSynchro

    Clutch relearn/Gearbox reset - E63 W212

    My box is a bit less smooth first thing on a morning and sometimes after been stood (hot) for a few hours, usually 2nd to 3rd and 4th to 5th are the two that make a more obvious shift, its not mega rough or anything but there is a noticeable difference between the rest of the shifts. I have...
  7. FateSynchro

    W212 - Knocking suspension help?

    My E63 S has 33k on the clock, i've stuck 11k miles on her in about 4 months now her main duties are simmering down i have time to sort any niggles out. My main one is tyres and brakes which have been addressed, the next issues i have is an annoying knocking sound over rough surfaces. Its...
  8. FateSynchro

    E63 Tyre Options

    Please can someone reccommend me some good track/summer tyres that are also still reasonable in the wet. I know the obvious choice is the MPSS's but thats rocking in at just under £1000 for four. And im hoping to keep things around the £750 mark if possible.. i dont mind stretching if people...
  9. FateSynchro

    What is going on - No more Petrol/Diesel by 2040

    Honestly what to make of this. Im just glad i got chance to drive some seriously silly motors! My generation will be the last who really get to drive the big old beasts! the days of the 6.2 V8 hammer are a dying memory. No More New Petrol and Diesel by 2040
  10. FateSynchro

    W211 - E63, Gearbox issues - North East Specialist????

    Fellow AMGers My dads W211 E63 is having some random issues, it occasionaly gets stuck in gear and will only drop out of said gear when turned off and restarted. He said the EML came on once but has gone back off now. I have a scanner which i'll use this Friday, but i just wonderd if this...
  11. FateSynchro

    My first visit to MSL Performance - Review/Pics

    So, After months of talking to Amio and Acid at MSL i finally got booked in with my mate to have the car lowered and a dyno tweak, my mate was having a remap, dpf removal and egr bypass. (W211 E320 CDi) So begin the story.. Wednesday before we are due to head to MSL on the Saturday we...
  12. FateSynchro

    My New Wrap - Opinions?

    Just had Elysa (yes ive named her i know im that sad) wrapped in a new colour... Basically long story short, the wrap got damaged by an inconsiderate parker who ripped two big holes in the wrap. So my friend who does the wrapping replaced the door with new wrap the same titanium grey...
  13. FateSynchro

    Lowering Springs

    Anyone had this done? Any pics and who did it? i'm booked into MSL for the 15th to have some lowering springs and a link bar fitted however they are only 20mm springs. I dont feel this is a substansial enough drop, anyone know of 30-40mm springs? Or have any advise on what drop is best...
  14. FateSynchro

    Oil Temps - E63S W212

    Right, So i did Worthersee and the ring not so long back, (big thread/pics coming soon im just working through photos etc in my spare time) And when on the ring i was getting peak temps of around 130 Degrees, which is outrageously hot. My RS6 would keep its oil around 100-105 consistantly, my...
  15. FateSynchro

    Video in motion / Mercedes ME / European light adjustment

    Guys, As per the title can anyone shed some light on how to get Mercedes ME to work with the unlock and start things ive downloaded the app but it wont let me activate it, shall i just pop into Merc dealer and set it up? Also how do i enable Video in motion and how do i adjust my lights for...
  16. FateSynchro

    Wörthersee 2017

    Anyone doing that this year? I've just booked up last minute as a rush to get myself there, doing Dover to Dunkirk and then up towards Stutgart for an overnighter. Moving from Stutgart to Wörthersee and then having 5 nights near the lake before heading back and staying in Nurburg for a night...
  17. FateSynchro

    North East indies????

    As above basically looking for someone in the north east, ideally teesside area but wiling to travel. Need to have Star/xentry and be able to update software as im looking for software updates at less than a million pounds which is what Merc will want!
  18. FateSynchro

    New Purchase/niggles &Software updates W212 E63 S

    Guys, I have recently just purchased a 2014 E63 AMG S, its on 25k miles and i have had a few things done. (If you want to skip to my questions and avoid the back story just scroll down) Wrapped in titanium grey and some fettling at MSL, downpipes/remap and its a lovely savage beast now...
  19. FateSynchro

    Just moved over to Mercedes E63 from RS6/GTR

    Hey, So after owning a nice RS6 V10 and the moving that on for a Nissan GTR both over 700bhp I decided that after 3 months the GTR was boring and expensive to go places with, i also didnt enjoy driving it day to day... but thats a load of detail for another day. So i am now the Proud owner...
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