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    W212 wiring diagram

    Hi all, wondering if anyone has wiring diagram for a 2014 Eclass 220? Or where one can be got? I'm interested especially in the rear end, cables from the rear SAM to rear lights etc. And even more specifically what are the cable colors for the Brake Light's, L +R indicators and reversing fog...
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    3rd Brake light in a 2014 E class w212 Question

    Hi All, I need to take a feed for a trailer universal by-pass relay, and the feed has to come from the 3rd brake light in the rear window, so in order to avoid stripping out the rear seats and trims etc. can anyone tell me what Nr connector in the rear SAM feeds that light? Or if anyone has a...
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    722.9 Transmission Auxiliary Pump Seals

    Any one know what's the actual Part Nr's for item Nr 207 in the attached diagram? And if anyone has actually fitted them, can you give me the details please of where you got them and the cost? Thanks, Justin.
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    Transmission Fluid Leaking

    Some months ago ( 5/6) the fluid, filter and electrical socket were all replaced by my local Indy. Since then, no problem, But this morning I had to reverse with a loaded trailer (300-400 Kg) on to the lawn. The box seemed to be revving up a bit more than normal, but I put that down to the rear...
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    iCarsoft showing stored codes

    Hi all, today just by chance I plugged the iCarsoft in and the following stored codes showed ( see Pic ) So I cleared them, drove it about 5 miles and checked it again. No fault's showing on 2nd scan. Anyone throw any light on this? Car is driving warming lights on the dash etc. Thanks
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    Brake Fluid Change

    I am planning on changing the brake fluid in my 2010 E class w212. It has 227'000 Klms done. It's my 1st time doing this particular job, and I would like if anyone who had previously done it, could give me some pointer's? I was planning on siphoning out all the fluid in Master Cylinder...
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    Radio Channel Selection Buttons Illumination

    On the console on my w212, can the button's for changing the radio station's and selecting either Disc or Radio etc. be illuminated? Or should they be illuminated normally, but it's not working in my car? I was driving home the other night, and while everything else on the dash is very well...
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    Today I found these plates in the boot...

    This morning while cleaning out the boot, in the spare wheel well, I found these plates ( see pic's) From the part Nr's, and Google, it seems that they are suspension shim plate's. They look relatively new and unused. If you found them in your car, what would you think about them? Are they used...
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    Number Plate Light Not Working

    Anyone else have this problem? Dash shows following msg: " Right side Number Plate Light not working" But in fact it's working fine!!! This msg is intermittent, can show frequently or infrequently. After driving and then stopping, it has vanished when started again. See attached pic, and...
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    Unlocking Problem

    This afternoon, after the car had been parked for about 20 hrs, It would not unlock using the key fob... was fine when locking yesterday. Would "Click" when "Lock" was pressed, but not unlock. So I went around to the boot, and it opened fine off the fob. Then the fob opened all the doors...
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    722.6 Transmission Electrical Connector Heat Shield

    Hi All, anyone know what is the part Nr ( or name) for the heat shield plate that protects the 722.6 Transmission electrical connector from the exhaust pipe is? Thanks, Jim.
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    New 13 pin transmission connector problem

    Took my 2010 w212 to an Indy to get the 13 pin transmission socket replaced. I have known this Indy for years, and I trust him completely ( would not have gone to him in the first place otherwise ) But this evening when I contacted him, he gave me the bad ( but hopefully not too bad ) news...
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