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  1. 350cls

    S211 bonnet star, are they replaceable?

    As title, can the bonnet star on the s211 be replaced? As it seems some idiot has decided to rip if off our s211's bonnet. It really makes the car look less respectable and not right. I was hoping I could replace the bonnet star. It's a E320 CDI 2004. Thanks
  2. 350cls

    Ambient lighting query.

    So, as far as I know my car has the one colour, "Amber" ambient lighting that I can adjust through the digital cluster, option 1 being dull in colour 5 being the strongest. It's acceptable its not perfect but just acceptable. Looking at my data card my car doesn't seem to list the 877 Ambience...
  3. 350cls

    Really, Bit of a Dog's dinner? I would say 5/6 k over priced...
  4. 350cls

    W212 E63 6.3 original wheel colour?

    Could someone please let me know the exact name/colour of the stock twin 5 spoked forged alloy wheels? Some pictures seem to show two colours some show one colour. I can't correctly work it out. Btw I've had a change of heart and Im nearly sure I'm going with the original stock finish when I...
  5. 350cls

    Transmission software update?

    Does anyone know of what is involved with a transmission software update. How much would it cost " ball park" figure would be fine. And is it recommended with the MCT transmission, considering my car was one of the first to have this transmission. Looking over the history an update hasn't been...
  6. 350cls

    Cars that you have owned, and had high hopes for but moved on because you didn't like or get on with, for a particular reason?

    As title, cars that you had high hopes for but didn't really do it for you, and moved on.
  7. 350cls

    E63 6.3 W212 Exhaust sounds

    My W212 E63 6.3 Exhaust videos thread. The car in the video/ videos has a resonator delete. With stainless steel straight pipes in place. Zero drone when cruising, just more amplified AMG exhaust sound on medium or heavy throttle.
  8. 350cls

    E63 6.2 review 10 year old review, but reads very well. Drives just how it's discribed also. Fantastic all-rounder.
  9. 350cls

    S211 270cdi Vs 320cdi

    I'm looking to buy an S211 with 7 seats. As I want to store my E63 6.2 over the winter months. Some may know, myself and my dad share a S211 E320cdi, 80% him 20%me. I'm looking to get my own S211 but with preferably the 7seat option. Just a few things I'd like to know before I actually pull...
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    Would icarsofti980 owners say that the live data the i980 scanner gives readings of is a 100% correct information?
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    Favourite Biscuit/biscuits

    It's on the lines of the food thread. I like most biscuits but love others lol. I had a biscuit tonight which I haven't had for a long time. Just got me thinking the old type biscuits always taste just right. Was a plain digestive Biscuit, I remember eating them at my grandparents house...
  12. 350cls

    Courier services?

    Does anyone know if there is a service they know of or can recommend a courier to collect some parts from a MB dealership to deliver at my home. The dealership have told me they can only ship the parts to a garage not a private address. I want to undertake the work myself so I don't really want...
  13. 350cls

    Tuned M156, plus a E55k having a Weistec SC.

  14. 350cls

    W212 E63 6.2 rear shock absorbers.

    Could someone kindly point me in the right direction of the rear shock absorbers available for my vehicle. I'm not sure if it makes a difference but the car has the Comfort option as well as the sport I and sport II suspension settings. W212 E63 6.2 Would like to stick with original brand...
  15. 350cls

    W212 E63 6.2 rear suspension thud noise when going over any little road imperfections.

    So I have been feeling and hearing a like thud noise from the rear of the car it's the near side rear. Can not hear the noise from the drivers rear. It seems just passenger side. Going over any road inperfection or little pot holes getting this thud type noise. Wasn't obvious before so something...
  16. 350cls

    W212 buyers guide video.

  17. 350cls

    F1 medical car

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    Let a AMG be a AMG.

  20. 350cls

    W212 6.2 And 5.5TT saloon and estate.

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