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    Anyone using, or got a view on, Hills Ultratek number plates ?

    try they don"t require any documents. seem like good quality.
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    W205 rear brake pad replacement

    make sure the electric parking brake is disengaged before you do the service position.good luck.
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    Retrofit Nav Package?

    if its got the audio 20 it just needs an sd card.available on ebay or amazon for about £50.thats what i did works perfectly.ive got a 2016 w205 c200 and the nav is pre installed all it needs is the sd card.merc will charge about £500.
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    Newbie wheel question

    yes they should fit.i think their standard.mercedes don"t make their own alloys so i would think like for like measurements would be the same across the brands.
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    Newbie wheel question

    hi there,mercedes centre caps are 75mm diameter,so just measure the centre hole in the new wheel.
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    2015 C220 SD card?

    hi there iv"e got a 2016 c class and i got my sd card from ebay £ works fine and updates from the mercedes dowload manager.just type "mercedes garmin map pilot"and look for the latest version.make sure you get the card for 2015/16 car.they changed from mid 2017.
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    W205 handbrake not working

    there"s a youtube video called "mercedes w205 rear caliper service position" show it to the garage.maybe their software has a conflict with the car.reset any fault codes,remove their snap on computer and try the built in"ve got nothing to lose good luck.if everting was working fine...
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    W205 handbrake not working

    hi there i also have a w205,there"s a service menu you get by pressing telephone answer and ok on the steering wheel at the same time.another menu appears ,scroll down to service and brake caliper service position is in there.maybe activate from that menu or reset it.ignition on of course. good...
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