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  1. roadhog

    Anyone with access to EPC?

    Could someone please confirm if a P/N 2028200926 comfort control module can replace P/N 1248203226. My new to me 124 cab has thrown up a fault with one of the rear windows. On investigation I found a short in the wiring which goes away when I unplug the comfort module. P/N fitted is...
  2. roadhog

    Anyone know this car?

    As per title. I have an itch and this might just scratch it. Trouble is, I think I've seen that ad before, the link for the website doesn't work, it's a fair way to travel just for a look, you get the drift. So I thought I'd ask the question. Mercedes 320 Ce Cabriolet A TWIN TURBO CONVERSION...
  3. roadhog

    '89 c124 Central locking

    Another issue has just come to light on my little project. I have just managed to get most of my central locking working for the first time by changing the vacuum pump. I say most as the driver's door still doesn't function properly but that's an issue I'll address once I get a replacement...
  4. roadhog

    '89 C124 window wiring

    Hi all, My front windows are operating the wrong way round, up is down and vice versa which makes for interesting combinations when I use the key. It's been like this since I got the car. I'd put it down to this being an earlier car than my others but since making progress with my central...
  5. roadhog

    Difference between 722.415 and 722.435 autoboxes

    Hi all, Anyone know whether I can replace my 722.415 gearbox with a 722.435? My car is a '93 300D, OM603.912 engine. Thanks in advance.
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