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  1. FateSynchro

    W212 E63 - Rear Air Suspension Issues, Help?

    It's what i was thinking, but it cant be the bag as surely it would leak all its air out eventually? maybe its relying on one side to keep the level, so pumps up the drivers side a bit more to compensate. It can only be the bag or the one way valves in the line as it wont inflate or deflate...
  2. FateSynchro

    W212 E63 - Rear Air Suspension Issues, Help?

    Hi guys, Long time no post... ill try keep it short and sweet so your not reading a million pages to get to the bottom of whats wrong. So basically the problem. I have struts/springs up front (Lowered on H&R's) and rear air thats lowered using link bars. Long story short a pothole was hit and...
  3. FateSynchro

    Firth Gear, filming your E55?

    Awesome man what a cool thing to be apart of! I'd have signed myself up whole heartedly if i could! Be very interesting to meet the team and stuff!
  4. FateSynchro

    MSL CLS63 AMG TTE900 Turbo Upgrade

    Very interested in this thread, just read from start to finish... Could you drop me a PM with rough costs as im pricing things up to get mine done soon, i already have a price on Turbo's so just curious what MSL charged for the fitting etc? If its too personal then dont worry i'll give Acid a...
  5. FateSynchro

    Wheels - W212 E63

    As per guys... I want some new wheels, been looking at Ispiri FFR1's and the like but im really struggling with offsets and sizes. Fronts seem to come in more common sizes of 8.5" but ideally i'd want to stick with a 9" wide front and a 10" wide rear with a good offset. At the moment any 10"...
  6. FateSynchro

    Mercedes c63 - anyone's from here?

    Mental money spent... whats the "507 forged engine" can someone enlighten me on that? and if the cars been at MSL all its life i'd assume its a reasonable car. But the Cat C part would worry me, it could have just been done when the engine is out as its easy to replace panels when its in bits...
  7. FateSynchro

    C63S Break in - Is it necessary?

    If this was the case then it wouldnt state that break in for 1000 miles was needed in the owners manual, and there would be no issues with running it flat out from day one. But it states that you only use comfort and avoid high revs. Engines are bench tested yes, the intial break in is carried...
  8. FateSynchro

    Loud plinking - e63?

    Good old days ey? when things were simple! Yeah anything direct injection is noisy these days.
  9. FateSynchro

    Brake bleeding URGENT HELP

    Thank you all for the replies... I work away monday to friday so will try the Solus Edge on Friday from my mate who has a garage over the road from my unit, and then barring that i'll ring Chris. I might give him a bell today just as a heads up. As for the MB Star, could you possibly PM me...
  10. FateSynchro

    Brake bleeding URGENT HELP

    I need the Star or Diagnostic equivilant to operate the ABS pump and remove the air from that.
  11. FateSynchro

    Brake bleeding URGENT HELP

    Thanks for the help guys, looks like the ABS pump needs to be operated in order to remove the air, my friend has a Snap On Solus machine. Do you think that will work? im just trying to avoid MB until the last possible second, just the cars on my 2 poster and i dont want to drive it anywhere, i...
  12. FateSynchro

    Brake bleeding URGENT HELP

    Hi, Right e63 W212, I have had my callipers off to be powder coated and I blocked the brake lines. However over the week I've been away at work one of the blanks has come out and the entire system has been bled dry. So I fitted callipers and filled with fluid, I then set about bleeding them in...
  13. FateSynchro

    C63S Break in - Is it necessary?

    Personally I wouldn't bother, it states in comfort mode for a reason. S+ changed the shift patterns, it could inadvertently stick you into 2nd at high revs, I'd wait till your around 800+ before using s+
  14. FateSynchro

    C63s & diff oil change @3,000km.....

    I'd still have the diff oil changed along with every other fluid after your running in perioud, it will remove all the metal fillings from the run in process. Just helps to prolong and prevent any wear from having contaminated oil.
  15. FateSynchro

    C63S Break in - Is it necessary?

    Engine break in and gearbox break in are EXTREMELY important, it allows the piston rings to seat correctly in the bores, if you set off ragging it from day one you will glaze the bores and it will either burn oil excessively or lose power.. or probably both. Anything mechanical that is new has...
  16. FateSynchro

    Oil Temps - E63

    It just gets more and more interesting, as we know Coolant temperature is not an issue, it easily keeps itself cool on that front. I'm going to mount an inline sensor in the water to air radiator or in the bottom of the expansion bottle just for my own curiosity. Unless it monitors this itself...
  17. FateSynchro

    Oil Temps - E63

    Yes i was given an idea beforehand but i was curious to compare other peoples cars, i have had the software updated, the brakes are now bigger and i have some new rubber, so its all in a days work haha! but yes the next issues are going to be cooling. I want to start by getting the oil...
  18. FateSynchro

    Oil Temps - E63

    Can people just tell me there average running temps then at least?
  19. FateSynchro

    My W213 E63 rattles

    I have to admit i get great treatment at MB teesside, been in a few times and not got one bad thing to say about them or the work they do.
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