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  1. Aleksejs


    No if relays are working without any issue no need to change.
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  3. Aleksejs


    You have to change otherwise you can destroy your new compressor. Cost around few EUR
  4. Aleksejs

    W164 rear lights

    2 units Morf LED OEM lights. All LEDs are working. 400 EUR plus shipping for two units.
  5. Aleksejs

    M156 AMG engine parts.

    For sale valves tappers full set 32 pcs M159 engine black series, head bolts, two gaskets left and right. All parts are new in factory sealing. Asking 700 EUR plus postage. PM for photos/details.
  6. Aleksejs

    W164/X164 Alpine HU

    Good day I have for sale Alpine x800d ml head unit. Used in my previous car. 800 EUR plus postage expenses Unit in pretty good condition. Actually used 1 year. PM my for photos
  7. Aleksejs


    No relay not necessar. But I believe you changed intake filter as well.
  8. Aleksejs


    Front it's installed in suspension arm Rear it's separated. It's like rubber cylinders But you have to lift your car for checking.
  9. Aleksejs

    New member

    Hi to everyone. Hope pleasure time here.
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    Did you check air springs may be damaged?
  11. Aleksejs

    SBC pump

    Sure :)
  12. Aleksejs

    W211/W219 HVAC Box Air Conditioner

    What car you have. And what parts did you bought/installed already?
  13. Aleksejs

    Buying STAR machine with linked laptop - recommendations?

    Do not discuss pirated software.
  14. Aleksejs

    SBC pump

    SLR as well Maybachs has 2 units :)
  15. Aleksejs

    2005 CLS320 cutting out under acceleration

    Hi first make diagnostic by computer. But most probably turbine geometry malfunction.
  16. Aleksejs

    7g tronic DIY advice from people who have done it

    For change oil its nothing special just need new oil and gasket. But if your car is already have high millage its good idea to overhaul torque convector also. But need to completely take out gearbox.
  17. Aleksejs

    GL320 X164 Sam Module

    Oh sorry you from UK. it shold be under driver seat
  18. Aleksejs

    GL320 X164 Sam Module

    Its problem with not rear sam. Its problem with sam which is located under front passager in battery bay. I had same issue on w164 ML. Check before contacts if some oxidation clean with contacr cleaner.
  19. Aleksejs

    W166 head up display

    What you mean new dash board? Price its expensive but i can manage. Its cost 1000 eur.
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