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    New to Scotland

    Thanks Ant. I have used MB Carlisle to buy a spare, (Mercedes star broken off by the removal people) and I did find them very helpful, and prompt with the delivery. As you say, I am hopeful that someone will be able to recommend a good indy in the local area. Thanks again...
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    New to Scotland

    I am not exactly a new member, but I have been living in France for 12 years, and have now moved to Dumfries in Scotland. I am difficulty in finding somebody who can do a few jobs on my C250 cdi (year 2007) Can anybody recommend a good reliable indy in this area please ? There is an official...
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    Rear wiper motor on Viano

    Rear wiper motor on viano Many thanks for the info sparky dude. It is very helpful, and I will let you know how I get on. Not had chance to look at it yet, as I have been away from home Cheers, Donr
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    Rear wiper motor on Viano

    I have a problem where the rear wiper does not operate on my Viano, but in addition the heated rear window does not work either, so I suspect it must be a wiring connection problem. I guess I need to take the cover off the back door, but I can't see an obvious way to do this. The vehicle is a...
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    Viano suspension troubles.

    Hi everybody, Hope somebody can help me with my problem. I have a W639 Viano 3cdi (year 2008) and a problem has developed with the rear suspension. The suspension seems to have collapsed to it's lowest level, and doesn't want to come back up again. There are instructions in the handbook on how...
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    I am looking for a folding table for my Viano it is a 2008 model 3 cdi ambiante and the interior colour is black (I think it is anthracite). If anybody has one for sale, or knows of one I would be very interested. Thanks- Donr
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    W211 E Class Saloon interior light panel

    I have this problem on my viano, (which may be relevant, may be not). I had it checked on the star which showed a fault on the switch panel. I was informed that a new unit costs £700+ plus vat, but there was the option of a used unit from a sprinter @ £63+ vat. I took the option, and looked at...
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    W210 SRS Common Fault (and other models)

    I had this fault on my Viano 3 cdi. I bought a magic box to simulate the bum on seat. This box came from Germany (Berlin) and cost 79 euro's, and did the job of extinguishing the SRS light, but now I have another problem: the seat-belt warning light is on constantly, together with the audible...
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    Workshop manual

    Hi, Yes I bought these, and found them very complicated to use. (Maybe it's me that's thick) but I gave up in the end. There is a help facility via ebay, but I didn't find it helpful. It was just a repeat of instructions that came with the DVD's
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    OBD Scanner.

    I wonder if anybody can help me with a bit of a silly question ? I have an OBD2/EOBD Maxiscan MS408. and I would like to use it on my Viano W639 (year 2008) but the problem is that, despite searching in what I thought were the likely places, I cannot find where to plug it in! The problem I...
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    OBD Scanner.

    I wonder if anybody can help me with a bit of a silly question ? I have an OBD2/EOBD Maxiscan MS408. and I would like to use it on my Viano W639 (year 2008) but the problem is that, despite searching in what I thought were the likely places, I cannot find where to plug it in! The problem I...
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    Frustration with Comand in W203

    Living in France, I need a SatNav to get around to places that I am not familiar with. Yesterday I trusted the Comand in my W203 to get me to a village, (not too far from where I live) and find an actual street. Before too long I was tearing my hair out in frustration. I was directed to turn...
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    New vehicle purchase

    The title of this thread could be misleading because I am in the process of buying a second hand vehicle. It is a 2008 Viano, with the 3 litre V6 cdi engine, and I am really looking forward to the experience. Does anybody have experience of this vehicle ? How economical is it (or un-economical...
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    Fuse location.

    This problem is now solved. I found the location of more fuses, behind a panel on the steering column. The fault was a blown fuse, as I originally thought, my problem was I didn't know this fuse was there in that position ! It seems strange to have these fuses there when there are so many others...
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    Fuse location.

    Hello Markjay, I am sure your diagnosis is correct. I had a thought to try the hazard warning lights, and there is no problem with them, which does seem to isolate the problem to the relay shown on the diagram you sent. The problem I now have, is that I can't find the relay-...
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    Fuse location.

    I have a W638 (V220 cdi) and a fuse seems to have blown, covering the windscreen wipers, and the indicators. I have hunted for a fuse that looks as though it is blown, but cannot find one. I have looked in the compartment above the front passenger foot-well, and also behind the removable cover...
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    Sliding rear door -V-class

    I posted a thread about this some months ago, but did not see any response to it. The problem I had was that the door would not latch closed, which was inconvenient, to say the least. It was an intermittant fault, and I lived with by not opening that door at all. This week I decided I had to...
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    Hole in roof of V-class

    I have a V220cdi (first registered in 2001) On a recent journey on the motorway I noticed a whistling sound from the the area of the nearside dashboard (apparently) I was puzzled by this, but shortly after, water started to pour in from the top left-hand corner of the windscreen. I had a look...
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    W639 Viano Cranshaft Sensor

    I had exactly the same problem when driving my sister-in-laws car in America. It did turn out to be the sensor, and when replaced the problem was solved. Her car is a Nissan Altima. I bought the replacement part from a general car parts dealer, and I had exactly the same experience-the first...
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    Battery drain, and battery Brain.

    I should just add that I have now fitted the device (which I guess is a relay of some sort) and it works fine. Just press the remote and the battery is disconnected, then reconnect again when I need to use the vehicle. My batteries both charge when the engine is running, it is only when the...
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