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    What is happening...

    Anonymous declare war on EDL This should be "interesting"... - Hacking Group 'Anonymous' Declare War On EDL
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    What is happening...

    Thought this was pretty good. A group from EDL organised a demonstration outside a mosque. They were invited in for tea and biscuits and ended playing football together. York mosque counters EDL protest with tea, biscuits and football | UK news |
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    380 slc (1981)

    Hello people. I have been offered a 1981 380slc. I know absolutely nothing about these cars and was hoping people could advise me on what to look out for. :confused: I have only had a quick look at the car for now and have really been drawn to the way it looks. Ive been told that it has been...
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    What is happening...

    Interesting thread. Im a British Muslim and the first thing I'd like to say is that my thoughts are with Lee Rigby's family. Someone they loved was brutally murdered by 2 evil people. Im going to apologise in advance - this might be a long post. Ive said this before, todays extremists did not...
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    Converting A CLS Into A Five Seater

    Give me a couple of days and I'll get some together for you. (I've got a new Honda Jazz in that I'm retrimming for a dealer and they need it back urgently - soon as I'm done, I'll get them sorted). As long as the centre cushion and centre vents are retrimmed well, the finish looks quite good -...
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    Converting A CLS Into A Five Seater

    Apoolgies for the thread revival, but just seen it. Its not that hard a conversion for an upholsterer. Give me your email address (and a few days to dig the bits out) and I'll send you some pictures of whats needed. If you can, get a rear centre section from a scrap yard as one will need to be...
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    Car for a Grand, Suggestions ????

    Depends what you're going to use the car for. If you want cheap motoring, Nissan Micra or a Honda Civic. Otherwise I'd go for a Honda Accord, Mitsubishi Shogun or a Mitsubishi RVR (with evolution running gear - absolute hoot to drive) Just edited to add the Toyota Carina, another very reliable car
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    Artico vs. Leather

    As an upholsterer I do quite a few seat repairs with split panels. I'd say that out off every 10 that come in (that arent cloth), 8 are vinyl and 2 leather. In my opinion the leather doesnt split as easily as vinyl (regardless of what fancy name is given to it), but does crease alot more.
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    BP workers held hostage in Algeria

    I'm going a bit off topic here, so I apologise. They might call themselves Sunni, but extremists like Wahabis are nothing short of evil. Not sure of the exact number, but I think there are 70+ different sects of Muslims (or groups or whatever anyone would like to call them). Wahabis/Salafis...
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    Wheel Weight Residue

    Any tar and glue rempver like Tardis or Rapide will work. If you've not any, petrol or white spirit will work.
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    2012 SL replica

    I've no idea who made it, but it's got to have taken some work! Mercedes-Benz SL65 BLACK SERIES REPLICA Swap Audi rs4 or r8 gtr or c63 AMG ? | eBay
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    Autoglym Ceramic / Lifeshine car protection

    No disrespect intended, so I hope this doen't cause offence, but that's hard to believe. I wish I was paying that! But I suppose if you're buying large enough quantities, anything's possible (although I'm still struggling to get my head round how any manufacturer could produce the customer bag...
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    Autoglym Ceramic / Lifeshine car protection

    You'll always get 2 sides to this. 1st thing is that dealers pay alot more than £15 for them. If the gentleman above can get Genuine complete kits for that, I'd like to buy them. There are products out there that are better, but that will always be the case as technology improves. In my opinion...
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    Air compressor for drying a car..

    I personally prefer using compressors, although to be fair I don't have that much experience with blowers. You can put in line filters on compressors to make the air cleaner (especially to catch moisture) and they don't cost much. I also think compressors are invaluable for blowing dirt out of...
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    Having once bought a car from KTC, I would say may the owners pubic hair get infested with the fleas of 10,000 camels and their arms get too short to scratch... Am I allowed to say that?
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    Cls 420cdi!!

    Now that's a car I would love to own!
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    Pakistan polio campaign halted after killings

    If you say so. I wonder who has been supporting them from the beginning?
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    Pakistan polio campaign halted after killings

    Like I said, please do some research if you are genuinely interested. Islam is over 1400 years old. Wahabism was founded in the 18th century in what is currently called Saudi Arabia. The country should be Arabia, not Saudi Arabia. Even looking at "the fountain of all knowledge" :rolleyes: Wiki...
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    Pakistan polio campaign halted after killings

    No offence taken. You'd be surprised at how many Muslims don't agree with the Taliban or Wahabism/Salafis. Thankfully these evil people are a minority. Unfortunately that doesn't make interesting reading or sell newspapers.
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