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    W124 300e 3.2 AMG for sale £4995

    MERCEDES W124 300e 3.2 AMG saloon 4matic four wheel drive 1990 G REG Metallic WILLOW GREEN exterior , PINE GREEN leather interior 124k miles 2 previous owners 6 months tax & MOT This MERCEDES 300e 4matic was registered to it's first owner Mr. L J Price on 03/01/1990 (list price: £39,486 ) The...
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    A W124 estate 4matic for sale

    “may be the only 4Matic in the UK that is truly working correctly” Can't be, as my 4matic works perfectly
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    Very cheap C124

    It's even got a ducktail - can't go wrong at that money
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    B class 160 sport auto doesn't feel quite right !

    CVT gearboxes can feel a little strange if your coming from a regular torque converter Automatic
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    is he taking the piss?

    In 1988, a motorsports partnership was formed with Daimler Benz AG. Beginning in 1993, AMG components were offered through Mercedes-Benz dealerships. The C36 AMG, introduced in 1995, was the first official AMG production model to be sold through Mercedes-Benz dealerships. Mercedes-Benz...
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    is he taking the piss?

    Are we talking pre-merger and/or post-merger?
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    RIP Police Constable Mark Goodlad

    My condolences to his family.
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    Mercedes W124 Rear Reading Lamps NEW original MB - rare special option

    Never seen those before -cheers for the post
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    New E250 Coupe On Its Way

    Petrol or diesel?
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    Top Gear USA?

    I actually felt quite embarrassed watching it. Hope the second episode is better. Would be unfair to judge it on the first episode alone. Give 'em time
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    Is this the lowest mileage 124 for sale

    It's like one of those new old stock watches you can buy. At £15 and a bit I think its a steal. This or a new A160 BlueEff 5dr - I know which one I'd rather smoke around in
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    New member

    Welcome Iain. Nice motor. The 430 was always a great lump in the W210
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    NOMOS watches

    NOMOS In-house movement (tick) German (tick) Understated (tick) In short, a quality bit of engineering at an affordable price. Buy from companies that respect the watchmaking craft and legacy, and put the effort, time and investment into designing and building their own movements. In a...
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    How much worth LHD W123 200D??

    Some Specs to put the slowness into context W123 200 D 55hp / 60hp from 02/1979 113Nm (83 lbs ft) Acceleration 0-100 kph (0-62mph) 4-speed Manual 27.4 - 31 secs 5-speed Manual 27.4 secs 4-speed Auto 29.4 - 33.2 secs Topspeed 4-speed Manual 130 - 135 kph (81 - 84 mph)...
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    Spotted: Porsche 959... Delivery miles only

    She's a beauty. I even like the Paul McCartney spec seats!
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    2000 CL500 64,000miles £5495

    Certainly looks like a whole lot of car for the cash
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    Gaddaffi caught...

    I wonder what's happened to his super-spec Merc ML ? 'Gadaffi evading capture in Mercedes 4x4 given to him by Nicolas Sarkozy' | Mail Online
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    Superb 500SEL!

    That'd make a beautiful paperweight for my desk!
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    Top Gear-Mercedes Tuners is a great website. Nice to know someone is documenting the more weird & wonderful creations from the 1980s
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    19s on a w124 - that's got to hurt
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