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  1. Andrew1068

    W203 C32 estate rattling tailgate / bootlid

    are you sure its not the number plate????
  2. Andrew1068

    W204 C320cdi Engine check light?

    If its not on " limp" mode ( doesnt drive very fast maybe 40 mph) then you should be ok, take a look on here maybe in the section " electronics " youre bound to find an answer there!
  3. Andrew1068

    W204 C320cdi Engine check light?

    seems strange because ive got a very late model w203(2007) with filters and the v6 engine ( or is it beacause i live in germany ??? ) anyway I hope you find the answer to your problems but one last thing....... an orange light is not seen as an emergency and my light went out on its own after...
  4. Andrew1068

    25 Years of marriage.

    congratulations, ours is due next year!!! big party!!!
  5. Andrew1068

    C32 amg tyre size?

    sav man is right i use the same size on my 320
  6. Andrew1068

    W204 C320cdi Engine check light?

    Take it down the motorway for an hour or so, you got a particle filter? engine needs to be warm and if you have a filter fitted it needs to get hot to clean itself,when u get home there should be a funny smell from the back of the car then you know its worked!light should go out then,happened to...
  7. Andrew1068


    Dont take any notice! I have two children 20 and 24 who think im too old but i believe music doesnt have any age limits, i was over in the UK last summer and went to the V festival and had a great time,Rihanna was great!! I like old schoolrock and anything that sounds good, been following the...
  8. Andrew1068

    Cleaning the Windscreen

    I use the Wife!!! seems to work well coz she don´t complain if theres still a few smears on the windscreen !!! simple!:thumb:
  9. Andrew1068

    Tinted windows

    smoked headlights There are a lot of mercs around with smoked rear lights it seems to be standard practice here yes! not sure if I can get " AMG " rear lights for my estate ?????:rolleyes:
  10. Andrew1068

    Tinted windows

    Think the law is the same all over Europe and definately here in Germany, Thanks for the tip though!
  11. Andrew1068

    Tinted windows

    A quick reply Well thank-you for your reply´s they are very witty and some are funny! lol :thumb: Didnt realise I´d cause such a stir? any way thanks. I´ll probably get the ones that reduce the UV inside the car!as to the rear lights I´ll wait and see what else gets said here before I decide...
  12. Andrew1068

    Tinted windows

    Anyone had experience tinting the windows? would like to get mine done and I suspect there are a few things to look out for?????? I shall probably have them done professionally and not try to do them myself, also thinking about a set of black rear lights any tips??????:rolleyes:
  13. Andrew1068

    Hello all at MBClub

    new members :thumb:Hi Paul, welcome ! They are a helpfull and friendly lot here!
  14. Andrew1068

    marshall amp man dies

    the king of loud! R I P Jim, you´ll never be forgotten, my ears still ring after turning all knobs full open !!!!!!! Thank-you!:) Imagine a world without marshall???
  15. Andrew1068

    What's everyone listening to ?

    on the german autobahn well I´ll be taking her out for a clean blast down the Autobahn in about 10 minutes and listening to who made who - AC/DC very loud !!!!!!:thumb:
  16. Andrew1068

    DAS BOOT tonight!

    fell asleep hi to all, tried to watch it too last nite! fell asleep as usual !!!!! ( must be the time difference ? were an hour ahead here in Germany ) it is a good film I agree .:(
  17. Andrew1068

    Air con smell

    I ve had the same problem too and I thought it might come from the battery ? but having read this I shall try and locate the drain pipes! Thanks for the advice.
  18. Andrew1068

    Navigation 50 Maps

    Do you mean 50Aps ????? if so yes they do! I drive a c320 with 50aps fitted and I have a box of 6 CDs Covering all of Europe ( East and West )
  19. Andrew1068

    Age of MB Drivers.....

    43, C320 cdi
  20. Andrew1068

    What engine do you have? :)

    55. Andrew1068 C320 V6
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