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    New James Bond film title announced...

    Nope, the Aston is a beaut, the Mercedes a brute, I can't afford either, so my opinion is of no consequence. According to AM they are only doing a run of 10 of these cars so even more exclusive, possibly enough for the film makers to smash up on set. Take 11,action,.............. we've run...
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    Caption Competition

    Sea Harriers tell Russians where to go,
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    Acronyms of Diagnostic Codes

    I think you missed one,:D MERCEDES, Most Excessive Retail Cost Ever Dreamt Everyone Says.
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    280se 3.5 v8

    Certainly looks short on steel in the wing!
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    "The dog made me do it"...

    Nearly as good as my own excuse for being "adrift" some 50 years ago,while serving our country in the RN submarine service, I was late, a habit I had great difficulty in breaking,on this particular occasion, I was coming to the end my time in the service, so didn't much care as to the outcome of...
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    Collect my new E350 today

    There ya go
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    560 SEC - Deluded Vendor?

    Updated my link as the car is now finished and back home, for those who are interested.
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    560 SEC - Deluded Vendor?

    colour code through out, I didn't like the mat finish it had on the plastic bits before,something I just didn't like the look of,it looked unfinished, so we did it all the same 189 green/black.
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    560 SEC - Deluded Vendor?

    Judge for yourself,
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    What Would You Do?

    Dirty Harry Do You ( I ) Feel Lucky Punk? ( high quality ) - YouTube:D
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    Bought something mildly interesting last night...

    Hell, that's a lot of iron for the money, take the badges off and put a S280 on the bootlid you'll scare the crap out of the boy racers when you floor it.
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    If you lived in the USA what wheels would you choose.

    in 69 I was working at Canaveral (military) I was using a Big block lazy 427 Chevy Corvette, single digit economy, but it wasn't a worry I was paid in sterling, the exchange back then was 2.65 usd to the £ gas was 22cents a gallon, yes 22 cents, albeit their gallon was a fifth smaller than...
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    Am I right or wrong?

    David Blunkett,......... but his Labrador voted no.
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    Ducati or Honda?

    Back in 1980 I treated myself to a MHR, prior to this my machines had been all British, the Duke was an absolute joy, the brembos could stop it like you'd hit a wall, the handling was superb,and the exhaust note like thunder. I sold it because of my wife Three Horses, no she isn't of north...
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    Gentlemans Coupe anyone?

    Yes it does, but then again I'm old fart, sorry ....erm, older gentleman:D
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    W210 W124 16" ET41 8 hole alloys - winter wheels

    Thank you, but I can see the others on bucket by clicking on your image above.
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    W210 W124 16" ET41 8 hole alloys - winter wheels

    Please could you tell me are there 4 or 5 rims?
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    Your top three driving pet hates...

    if that were the case, it still wouldn't make any of them my top three driving pet hates, as in the OP's title "Your top three driving pet hates" I haven't got any pet hates, you just don't know what's coming next.. the other day a saw a women putting make up on while driving, She came so close...
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    Your top three driving pet hates...

    I have none! but do treat all other road users as idiots, to get safely through my journey.
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    Merc SL129 "sales pitch"

    It was listed last week at 5something k with the rims and 4something k with other rims if you didn't like the higher price. He seems like he wants the best of two worlds,rather than just sell the bloody thing as is.
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