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    Stolen Car

    When reading about the Tesla Model 3 I saw there was a 'PIN to drive' feature, I'm surprised it's not a feature on more cars these days.
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    Left lane hogger caught.

    It can be a bit risky sometimes though, especially when they're clearly not paying attention (hence sat in the middle lane for no reason). I find it just safer to move all the way out and then back in rather then having the issue of a crash because you undertook them. To be honest, I'd much...
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    WBAC Ridiculous offer?

    In my experience, WBAC valuations are pretty similar to what you'd get as a part exchange valuation so they're not entirely ridiculous. Of course if you overpaid in the first place, the more ridiculous it does seem. I'm a member of a MB Facebook group and people slate WBAC for giving low-ball...
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    Fitting NextBase camera

    I hardwired my dashcam myself, followed a YouTube video and bought a hardwiring kit. Pretty straight forward and definitely didn't take anywhere near 2 hours.
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    GAP Insurance Liquidation

    I had policies previously with GAP Insurance 123 but I believe they went into liquidation a few years ago and the policy was picked up by someone else so the policy was still valid. Seems to be happening increasingly often, I did always wonder why the big insurance companies didn't offer GAP, it...
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    Mixing all-season and summer tyres

    Hi all I've been looking to switch out my current summer Contis for a set of all-seasons, however, the rear tyres have worn out around twice as quick as the front. Seems a bit of a shame to replace the front tyres so prematurely so was wondering if there would be any issues putting all seasons...
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    New CLA colour options.

    That’s why I’m glad I have a real C200 with the 2L engine ;) haven’t driven the 1.5 FL but would like to.
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    New CLA colour options.

    I had an A200 a few months back when my car was in for some warranty work, I had it for about 3 days in total. Fuel consumption was decent, although the long term average wasn't particularly great - low 30s IIRC but obviously have no idea how it was being driven, it was being used by one of the...
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    C Class Coupe AMG Line vs Sport

    The differences are mainly cosmetic, as markjay says but the AMG Line suspension is harder and lower than the Sport trim and he wheels are also bigger as standard. The Sport is definitely more comfortable and quieter on UK roads but I don't think it looks anywhere near as good as the AMG Line...
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    Bonnet release lever

    Hey guys So today I went to top up the washer fluid on my W205 Coupe and when I pulled the bonnet release lever in the footwell, the lever kind of just fell from the dashboard so it's now dangling in the footwell. The lever itself still works and on the back of it there are 2 plastic clips...
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    Thinking of getting a C200, Older 2.0 or the new 1.5?

    I have the 2.0L in my 2018 C Coupe and it is really quiet and refined, especially coming from a 200d which was very rough in comparison. I believe the 1.5 in the new C200 is a Mercedes engine though. I haven't driven one so can't comment on it but I do really like the 2.0L so would be a bit...
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    Golf R

    A couple of years ago I remember reading about £200 a month lease deals on Golf Rs, not sure what the deals are like nowadays but no doubt those deals had a big effect on the used market. Similar thing will happen with the M140i - I remember when I got mine I would hardly ever see one (or an...
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    Shell GO+ Rewards

    Also worth noting that you don't get the discount when using Fill Up & Go - I always use it for speed and only noticed I wasn't getting the discount when looking through my receipts.
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    Potential GLC Buyer - some advice please

    It's been in various models with various different power outputs for a good few years now. It's at the end of it's life cycle from what I understand so I imagine most issues would've been dealt with by now but I can't really comment on it's reliability. The Garmin sat nav does the job, it's by...
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    Looking for an A Class

    I know there was an issue with older A Classes with water collecting in the rear footwells, it's quite a common and known issue with these models and some people managed to get it fixed free of charge, despite being out of warranty but a lot of other people haven't been so lucky. If I remember...
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    Mercedes me obd dongle, worth having?

    If it's still free then it's worth it, although I don't know what features you get with just the dongle as mine is built in. I often send locations to the car, check the cars locked, etc. and the vehicle locator/geo-fencing is good for peace of mind but if you can't do any of that it's rather...
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    UKPC Parking Fine.

    I doubt the counter claim would go anywhere but I wouldn't be paying the parking charges anyway. Lots of advice about appealing UKPC 'fines' online if you look on pepipoo or MSE.
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    C200SE or C300h? Help choosing a new car please

    My dad has a 17 C220d and I have an 18 C200, the Garmin in his is painfully slow and can take a few minutes to calculate or re-calculate a route where as mine is a lot quicker. I think towards the end of 2017 the hardware supplier changed to Panasonic, not sure if this made a difference or if...
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    2019 A Class 180D Sport

    Well it should return good mpg at least. In terms of reliability, I'd ignore the reliability index as it's a brand new model - it could be better or worse. I've read about a few having major issues, specifically gearbox related but if you're an early buyer than it's almost expected.
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    Most crashed car...

    Surprising amount of BMWs on that list, I wonder why...
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