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    Rip off survey...or having your trousers pullef RIGHT down!

    We were leaving on holiday in a few hours when a strong wind blew an upstairs winsow shut (single pane), breaking the glass. Made a few calls for emrgency replacement, finally found a guy to do it in an hour...£149 for a 2 ft x3 ft window pane installed.
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    Has anyone used Hypnotherapy to cure a problem?

    Hi Eddie: Contact Den Clare on the Island and discuss. He may be able to help you. Regards.
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    Driving after a Stroke

    Best wishes to both of you and hope you are driving again soon. It is scary what happens to us as we age and usually when we least expect it. With me it was my heart, discovered on a routine examination Triple bypass within 3 weeks or I would have been pushing up daisies. The surgeon said, "We...
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    How Old Are You?

    UNfortunately, I remember each and every one. FORTUNATELY. I am still here to take surveys like this. (79)
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    First pop "gig" since 1972...

    We went to an "ABBA" tribute band peformance. I was really looking forward to it. The instrumentalists were OK, but the "girls" were well over the hill and 2 stone too heavy. Seats were good but as above, nobody was seated. I can only stand for a few minutes so I was sitting down while...
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    Thinking of selling the SLK

    I know the feeling. Every time we have sold the "second" car (mine), after a month or so I start getting fidgety and fussing for my own car again. I am 5 ft 11 and the Mrs, is 5 ft 1, so one car is seldom satisfactory to both of us. We now have a new Juke which she loves, to me it is a hard...
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    That Sinking Feeling

    LEWYBOY: Hey! I'm and old man and my p*** smells like roses! Seriously, over the years (60 odd) my cars have been targeted by many a vandal and/or thief in car parks. In the USA I was more concerned with my personal safety, being an old white man in a suit I was considered fair game. The same...
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    Air conditioning

    I left my CLK320 at my local garage this A.M. for A/C service. They did the job but say a bigger problem, still does not blow cold. They think it is a bad wire (16 yr. old car) or a "control unit". They don't want to charge me labor for searching for the problem and recommend taking it to an...
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    Background on my car and paint dilemma do I or dont I?

    You have already sprayed one so you know the drill. As above, prep work and dust free area are paramount. While home on military leave many years ago I painted my mother's Oldsmobile in the garage with a rented spraygun, turned out very well, I thought. It was a 10 year old car, quite faded...
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    People with guns running round Belfast...

    I somehow missed the first two series but after this one I am a fan. I am a self confessed nit picker in TV and film dramas, to my wife's annoyance and the ONLY thing I would question in the final episode was the shot (2?) from the bridge into the RR. It looked like a couple hundred yards from a...
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    Can you identify this classic Mercedes?

    You're right. I eat humble pie.
  12. J

    Can you identify this classic Mercedes?

    I think the photo is in the Mercedes Museum in Sindelfingen. I have a picture of it somewhere.
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    MB Club grammar police please take note.

    This brought back memories of California in the 70's and the beginning of positive discrimination in hiring and university admissions. Equal Oppotunity Goals (quotas) the teaching of Ebonics (Black English) as a separate language in some school districts and Race Relations classes for all...
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    Over-egged 126

    Might be a big hit in Compton..
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    My mate Dave the Spaniel

    Very sorry to hear that; there are no words that can comfort you. We have lost 3 in the last 8 years. Last one Lucy we had for 16 years. Now have 10 year old JRT/Corgi who is a barrel of fun. FOUR FEET By Rudyard Kipling I have done mostly what most men do, and pushed it out of my mind...
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    German genealogy anyone?

    I have researched my ancestors extensively in USA and Germany. The Mormons have done a lot of preliminary work which is on the internet; don't have the specific site at hand as it was a few years ago. They lived in the town of Lahr near Frieberg B-W. So I went there. Between the Rathaus and the...
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    Who do you use to courier wheels

    I have just used DPD yesterday and they are very good, excellent customer service. Google DPD Couriers for a location near you.
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    What's the point ?

    MARKJAY..Some years ago in California, I saw a photo advert in the daily paper for a leather 3 seat sofa plus matching easy chair for X price, I think $999 at that time (80's). I immediately went to the store and said "I will buy it". They said, "That's a mistake, it is for the 2 seater"...
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    cat / res delete today

    If you decide to p/x it down the line somewhere, a dealer would probably accept it as it sits. I once bought a new Jeep CJ7, Chevy V8, and changed the exhaust immediately. Sounded great and ran better, I eventualy (6 years!) traded it on a new 4WD. The original new exhaust parts were in the...
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    Off to Stuttgart, Mercedes Museum...

    A worthwhile adventure. I was there a few years ago. Myself and a friend took the private tour, very knowledgable young woman guide, really knew her stuff. Then took the nearby engine factory tour with a retired shop foreman (Heinrich) as guide Don't remember the cost but relatively cheap and...
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