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  1. J

    60 mpg

    What car is that with Nick? Your profile shows a forklift, I doubt that obtains 70mpg! ;)
  2. J

    60 mpg

    Very interesting, im slightly tempted.. But I wonder why the extra urban mpg figures for that car are 49.6.. these figures are generally almost impossible to obtain, never mind to better them! The petrol C180 states 45.6 which I can just about do! With a feather light foot.
  3. J

    60 mpg

    Thanks all. It would take a while to recoup the cost of the petrol wouldn't it!.. Hmm.
  4. J

    60 mpg

    So my new job is further away than I would like, but thats life.. I can hit 45mpg on my petrol c180 which is outstanding I think, but I want a little more! Looking at the diesel versions of my car they can squeeze 50mpg.. Thats OK I suppose.. But then I look at the Audi (A3) and BMW (3)...
  5. J

    Jumps out of gear

    My manual box does not appear to be 'locked' into gear very well. When decelerating and in-gear I am able to slightly nudge the gear stick and it will pop into neutral silently. It happens without my input on one particular bump and turn near where I live, but other than that it never happens...
  6. J

    Best Air Freshener?

    I've been an avid yellow magic tree user in my previous cars. In my Merc I wouldn't dream about diluting the leather smell!
  7. J

    Exhaust Blowing At Joins.. Help

    Im not sure if this is stating the obvious, or whether you've done it already but i think you need a liquid gasket sealant of sorts to ensure an air tight seal between sections.
  8. J

    Hard ride, what to do?

    My W203 is very sensitive to tire pressure. After a recent service the tires were left at 34 ish all around and the ride was terrible. I reduced to 29 front and 32 back and things are much nicer. 1 PSI under manufacturers recommendation (30/33) hopefully wont cause too many problems... edit...
  9. J

    C Class Coupe Driving Position

    I cant comment on the differences, but my coupes seat can be adjusted up and down to a point where my head is squashed into the ceiling. 6ft1.
  10. J

    Spare Keys

    Personally I would probably feel wary about letting someone visit my house who can potentially copy the 'codes' within my cars key to.. use at a later date! Similarly I'd wonder about getting a new key posted to the home address of my car. Maybe I should be more trustful. I'm certainly not...
  11. J

    Brakes on a C200 CDI W203 Coupe.

    I have this. Im fairly sure the pads simply need to be removed, cleaned and re-bedded with copper grease on the underside.
  12. J

    Rust on my 2005 C-Class Door Pillar

  13. J

    Manual Clutch

    I performed your test, it resulted in a huge jolt as the engine and wheels were forced into running at the same speed again. No apparent slip. I also did a few tests of my own, specifically: 3000rpm at stationary followed by a quick release of clutch; no apparent slip and a slight squeal of...
  14. J

    DPS Filter

    Good conversation here regarding the DPF Diesel Particulate Filter - Mercedes-Benz Owners' Forums I also read steam cleaning them backwards helps..
  15. J

    Manual Clutch

    Thanks for all the responses. Food for thought.. With regard to slipping, i've never had a problem coasting along in first gear and then flooring it. Would this be the best test to determine clutch wear? Eeek indeed. Are there any other symptoms of a worn DMF?
  16. J

    Manual Clutch

    Hello all, When the engine is cold my clutch is producing a 'lumpy' sensation in the way it transmits power to the wheels. Its more noticeable when im putting a reasonable amount of power down. Its not the engine, as when the clutch is fully dis-engaged its smooth to accelerate, but during the...
  17. J

    2003 C180K Clutch

    Keep us updated on the cost, it would be interesting to me how much you end up paying. I too have a manual, you are not alone! Thanks.
  18. J

    rotten egg smell

    Could it be the aircon needs servicing/cabin filters changed? (complete guess)
  19. J

    tracking rod and ball joints

    Get the work done at the indy, and geometry at the main dealer. Far superior system.
  20. J

    Annoying wipers

    Well no need to do that! Surely pushing the stalk inwards will advance the wipers? Also changing the speed up will surely put them on too.
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