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    anyone know specialist

    murray motors belfast 02890 300222 what do you need done ?
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    c250 turbo diesel heater plug replacement

    cable tie the fan blade up and let the temp go up to over 100 gently loosen the plugs i seen me take 8 hours to do 5 plugs but at least they didnt break
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    merc 270 cdi injector seals

    yes had this before had to change the injector i only use mb cooper washers make sure every thing is spot lessy clean put a slight bit of fire cement over the cooper washer (exhaust paste) this will seal a bit better and keep the heat away from the washer
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    E300td noisy engine

    is it diesel knock you may need yer pump timing checked buckets dont give any bother could be injectors or it could be fuel quality i.e. running on heating oil or **** fuel
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    gearbox problem

    get it to a good indy could be one of ten things
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    r129 '96 gear box trouble

    could be one of 10 things get it on a computer before you do any thing and go to a good indy
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    Lovely day blighted

    CHECK cap and arm mine need done every time you take it out after leaving it for a few weeks then it runs like a dream
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    Curious oil leak C55 AMG?

    is it the bush on the alloy arm it is filled with oil but will eventually stop
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    Mixture setting 560SEC non cat

    1 + or - a half best is just over 1
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    ml 270 dealers

    the seat needs cut and when fitting the mb copper washer put a bit of fire cement over the washer ( exhaust paste )
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    Cold Start Problem

    change all your plastic fuel pipes or take them off and change the rubber seals on the ends do them one at a time and watch you dont nip one putting it on
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    C36 non starter - Failed headgasket ???

    its possible number 6 usally buy an MB head gasket not that dear u dont need head bolts poss a U seal all other parts are rubber and last for ever but if hard change them
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    M112 Vacuum Oil Change

    very good saves you lying on the cold wet ground
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    DPS Filter

    there are good of the shelf cleaners for this just stick them in yer tank KAT a clean works for me there is also cleaners you put into the DPF let it sit over night then refit the DPF when it is fixed at least twice a week scream the engine out on the motorway this will blow all this crap from...
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    W203 c180 non kompressor running issues

    possible electic fuel pump
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    Turbo and Inlet Shut Off Motor Related?

    change the big orange seal on the inlet to the turbo its possible you had 2 problems the turbo problem is probably the box on the side thus cant be bought on its own
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    cl 600

    i had a temperature probe at them but not a lot of difference in both kats it eventually cuts out and you restart it it goes slightly better.I had the kats in mind will have a look today
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    cl 600

    hi all i have a CL 600 V12 that was running like a dog computer said both banks had misfires so i put a near side coil pack in at £800 odd pounds and cancelled the faults car went great for a couple of days.Miss fire then came back on the off side only.So i put an off side coil on and cancelled...
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    bouncy sl

    i have a 129 SL320 1998 which when driving is very bouncey as if it had no shocks.It has hydraulic adjustable suspension front and rear when you raise it with the switch it goes up and down as it should.The computer has no fault codes but the oil did need topped up by a half litre and doesnt...
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    Go Faster E300D OM 606 (How!)

    if it has no turbo there is not a lot you can do service it and check the pump timing or make sure the boot isnt full of rubish and lighten it
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