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    C350 with 7G Gearbox whine

    Finally got round to taking it in this week, needed a couple of other bits doing and surprise surprise they couldnt hear anything. Oil levels checked, nothing found. Im going to have to take it in when its doing it so I can take a technician out. Frustrating to say the least.
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    C350 with 7G Gearbox whine

    Mine a 3.5 V6 so no Turbo Not taken it in yet, just wanted to be armed with some knowledge of what it could be before I do. Its not very high pitched but if more of a whine sound. It doesnt sound far enough forward to be the engine. Its worse when Ive done a few miles and the car is well up...
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    C350 with 7G Gearbox whine

    I have a 2006 W203 C350 with the 7sp Auto. Ive started to hear a lot of Gearbox / Transmission whine. Its worse when you lift of and goes when you apply power. The car is under warranty so is this something I should take up with the dealer and can I have some pointers as to what it could be...
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    Have you remapped your 272 bhp engine?

    OK, I understand now. Mine has just over a year of MB warranty left so probably best to get shot of it after that ;) Its the whine from the transmission Im more concerned about.
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    Have you remapped your 272 bhp engine?

    Yes can you explain some more ?
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    Have you remapped your 272 bhp engine?

    I see superchips offwe one for the 3.5 272bhp, not a massive increase though. After having the mufflers taken off my last car (E39 M5) Im so tempted to get a new exhaust for my C350. Its very muted.
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    2006 W203 350 petrol Estate

    Was it a W203 C350 you were interested in? If so I have a Saloon so let me know if you need any info.
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    W203 Sport Pack - Front brake differences

    I have the above mentioned sport pack on my W203 C350 Avantgarde. I love the brakes, very good but the single exhaust doesnt sound very sporty
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    Stunned by dealer comment

    They could just build the cost of the insurance on the car into the service and then you would be none the wiser. When I get my OH Chevrolet Captiva Serviced at the local Vauxhall garage they dont even clean it which gets my goat but then the service is always very reasonable so maybe they...
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    If you had £10k to spend...

    Just remember with the E55 and the like you need to have the funds to look after what was once a very expensive car. I should know, I had an E39 M5 which was not the best buy in the world and cost me a fortune :) I spent my £10K on a C350 which I am very happy with.
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    bought from a dealer , what rights do i have ?

    If the 3 month warranty has expired I dont think you have a leg to stand on unless they do something as a gesture of good will or put some money towards it. Could be wrong but might be worth talking to them to see what they will do.
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    Exhaust Options for a W203 C350

    I love my car but the V6 is very muted and coming from an E39 M5 with no mufflers Im used to something a little louder. Has anyone got experiences of releasing more sound on a V6 C Class?
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    I have a C350 2006 and think it is a cracking car too (and thats coming from an E39 M5)
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    Newbie with a 2006 C350

    Chalk and cheese really. I had a muffler delete so the M5 was very loud whereas the Merc is very quiet and refined. For my 6 mile comute to work its going to be much more suitable thats for sure. The 24mpg average is much better than the 17 I was getting from the M5 (dropped to 13 to work and...
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    Newbie with a 2006 C350

    I have a saloon and will get some pics up ASAP.
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    Newbie with a 2006 C350

    Was thinking of a Viseeo
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    Newbie with a 2006 C350

    Hi Today I collected a 2006 C350 with 55K on the clock. I part exchanged my E39 M5. (previous cars have been an RX8, 968CS and MG ZTT plus others) So far I am really happy, its got no where near the noise or shear power of the M5 but I was really surprised how quick it is. The handling is...
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