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    Parking Etiquette - Take 2...

    Sounds like you need to find a place with wider parking spaces, but if it makes you feel better I wouldn't have wedged you in!
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    Doing any Harm?

    Tfr is good stuff but I would only use if if followed by a polish!
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    Spots on screen

    T and g should work?
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    Keep off the grass!

    Looks like it needs scarifying then reseeding
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    Young drivers insurance

    Try bell. Part of admiral group saved me a lot of money!
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    SLK55 service - not happy

    I'd put the 300 towards warranty if I was that bothered. Definitely wouldn't change after 14 k miles!
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    SLS AMG Roadster - Press Release

    Drove my boss's...amazing but didn't feel as quick as gt3 rs! Looks sooo much nicer though and those doors are fantastic!!!
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    2001 Facelift W210 E55 FSH - Whats it worth?

    Depends on condition but awesum engine for 4grand!
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    Free Air on filling station forecourts ? ? ?

    Will 20p break the bank???
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    How many

    Very important. It gets rid of all the contaminants so you have a nice smooth surface to start from for example tar tree sap all that lot, and you will find that if it hasn't been done for a while the colour changes back to how it left showroom.
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    SLK63 AMG - Spy Shots

    Yes please!!!
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    Deposit refund!

    I work for Motorpoint derby and in that case we would refund your dipper. Can't u just tell them to hold it for a couple of weeks with the deposit they have while you sell yours then everyone is happy...or part ex???
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    Becker Navigation

    Mercedes have an offer on at the moment where you get it for free when you buy a diesel, thus why it's probably included in lease. My dad has just bought petrol and he bought one from Germany for 250.
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    Introduction from a potential new CLK owner

    How much is it and do you have a link? Mines a 2002 with 48000 and it's got at least 6 mercedes stamps from memory.
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    Sigh .. they walk amoung us .. and unfortunately drive too

    Hope your car isn't silver otherwise your probably going tonhave a car that's 2 different shades!!!
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    Replacing faded parcel shelf?

    Autoglym - car cleaning products, car care products, car valeting, car detailing That's the stuff mate...carpet dye
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    Replacing faded parcel shelf?

    Autoglym do a black carpet spray that we use in the trade, great stuff for covering up any marks in footwells and you will be amazed after using it on parcel shelf!!!
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    Top Gear - Merc CL 600

    I think James may did some tinkering...don't think he would look right as a skin head! Lol
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    Asda Car Park Fine?

    I definitely wouldnt pay! I always take up 2 spaces to stop me getting any parking dints!
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