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  1. chrisk2010

    Lock Down Detailing - Anyone? :)

    Sounds great i'll look Wowo sealent today. I have a tin of BH but like you i find it dries to quick in the summer and black shows every cloth stroke no matter how carefully and thinly i apply it. Fusso is great definitely one of my favourite waxes but like you say it gets quite sticky in...
  2. chrisk2010

    A Productive Saturday

    I hate a wet leak too :)
  3. chrisk2010

    Lock Down Detailing - Anyone? :)

    Fusso does collect quite a lot of but for a winter wax man it's good stuff. I have been bouncing off the walls deciding what to do next it's approaching three years since my last full detail i think and i had my heart set on applying a ceramic coat this summer more for the experience than...
  4. chrisk2010

    Examples of silly, stupid or selfish behaviour in the current environment..

    It might seem a bit of a waste but i use two pairs of gloves. - clean the trolley, then like you spray on one hand to clean the outer gloves after touching the cleaning stuff at the door. - with the trolley and the gloves clean i do my shop. - on returning to the car i remove one of the outer...
  5. chrisk2010

    Look what just came...

    They look really good and instantly reminded me of Bruce's candy red wheels on one of his cars lol.
  6. chrisk2010

    Black Plastic Trim Revival / Meguiars Ultimate Black or Endurance Tyre Gel ?

    C4 is good stuff it seems to last the longest on the trim under the windscreen. Has anyone ever tried using a hat gun to re-float the plastic i have seen lots of videos of this being done but don't think i'd be brave enough to do it without having a brand new spare part next to me.
  7. chrisk2010

    Lock Down Detailing - Anyone? :)

    Thanks Lee, as above i was going to go into more depth but i have done in the past and i tend to feel like i'm repeating myself lol. Thanks for the tip on the fusso coat also i had some i wanted to use up what i had so i could find an excuse to order some new wax without the missus raised...
  8. chrisk2010

    Lock Down Detailing - Anyone? :)

    I was going to do a longer write up with more detail which may have helped you. With the clay mit i lube with the pressure washer and also have a bucket of soapy water to give it a little dip in, more to make me feel better i think. When i say lube with the pressure washer i mean take...
  9. chrisk2010

    Film Quotes

    Drill Sergeant: Gump! What's your sole purpose in this army? Forrest Gump: To do whatever you tell me, drill sergeant! Drill Sergeant: God damn it, Gump! You're a god damn genius! This is the most outstanding answer I have ever heard. You must have a goddamn I.Q. of 160. You are goddamn...
  10. chrisk2010

    Reflection Shots

    Here's a few from me.
  11. chrisk2010

    Lock Down Detailing - Anyone? :)

    Well i finally managed to put some time aside for the car Saturday and given that it has only been getting a series of quick cleans i.e. Snow foam, two buckets wash, and AF polar seal it was time to do a little more. As always i didn't take as many pics as i'd have liked to but enough to give...
  12. chrisk2010

    washing car

    Sponge! o_O
  13. chrisk2010

    Wax / Polish in Nooks and Crannies Cleaning ?

    The door line trims slide off (firm but gentle) for cleaning and is the easiest and best way to do those bits i find. I tried the plastic scraper and cloth trick too and had pretty much the same result as you. I tried detailing brushes but these work better when the car is being cleaned i.e...
  14. chrisk2010

    Do You Remember.....................

    Always! as they had the the ball inside so you were forever picking fluff out and it would always break lol
  15. chrisk2010

    Do You Remember.....................

    " Do you remember ..............................." Using what felt like 40 odd floppy disks to install or backup Windows and having a shelf full of these I was 13 when i started taking apart computers and rebuilding them and spent many many nights sitting in a chair switching one floppy...
  16. chrisk2010

    Nitrile Power Free Gloves

    Blurple Powder Free Nitrile Gloves There you go i get mine from here the stocks come and go at the moment but they are pretty good. Blue out of stock but just checked quickly and they have "Blurple" ones. :thumb: Black too if you want to feel like a cat burglar.
  17. chrisk2010

    Icarsoft MB V2.0

    messaged you
  18. chrisk2010

    Lock Down Detailing - Anyone? :)

    Bobby pretty covered it there, the only benefit to applying more than one coat in my opinion is ensuring a nice even coat and better coverage in case an area was missed. You can build on a layer but can't layer on a layer if that makes sense.
  19. chrisk2010

    Lock Down Detailing - Anyone? :)

    Having a bit of trouble find lamb at the moment for the weekend lol. Managed to get some diced lamb last week and have a few pork chops and chicken i can't wait to get home tonight. :D
  20. chrisk2010

    Lock Down Detailing - Anyone? :)

    Some of the autoglym products are really good i love the shampoo and the glass polish. The extra gloss protection isn't bad but tends to go off before i finished the bottle so have naturally stopped seeking it out. I don't keep much in the way of products these days because i like to stick...
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