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    What do you want to know?

    Compared to? I hope you don't mean compared the new systems in the A & C Class? If that's the case it must be hopeless. Have you ever avoided a jam using COMAND online? I ran it two years and EVERY SINGLE TIME it warned of traffic a minute after I was stuck. Ditto the routing, constant routing...
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    What do you want to know?

    No 9g. A deal-breaker for me, heard about this a while ago so abandoned the C Klasse purchase. The ZF 8sp in the BMW is sublime, and shifts instantly. I fell asleep a few times attempting to paddle shift the 7g - utter garbage. Wake up MB. S.
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    Your MBUK Finance Journey...winding road

    Well, mine went just fine until handing the thing back. I had a E Class on straight lease for two years, used a broker as they were and astonishing £80pcm less than MB franchises. Amusingly the car was supplied by MB Wolverhampton and financed directly by MBUK.... go figure. Car faultless...
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    Mobilo and value service

    Mobilio were excellent when I shut the keys in the boot of the E Class. (Stupid that such a 'high-tec' car allows this, even my 2006 3'er wouldn't let that happen) On the road (out of office hours) in about an hour after breaking in with a laptop. Seriously! Good value IMO as it cost nothing.
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    PCP-Can you beat the system?

    Yup, as M500dpp says, It's easy. And your legal right under the 14day cooling off period if you sing up in a dealership. There can only be a claw-back of any deposit contribution if the CONTRACT you sign specifically allows for it. I haven't seen one that does yet, and I have read a few this...
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    Cabinet tool chests

    I have this combo - bought in a similar deal about six years ago. I use it daily, you need to have ball races draws on heavy cabinets.... Its excellent, and for the price you wont get better TBH. The Pro range blow-moulded socket set / spanner set boxes actually fit neatly into the upper...
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    New OEM parts - best discount?

    Thanks gents, I'll make the calls tomorrow. I found to my cost that the new E220Cdi engine cover no longer just lifts off at the front FFS. In a rush as I spilt oil whilst topping her up, I tugged at the front edges to lift it off - but the new cover has a 90deg twist lock catch at the...
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    copper slip on torqued bolts

    Many head bolts are tightened by angles for this reason.... so are oil filters :)
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    New A CLASS Production Line

    I worked for a German manufacturer until about 1998 or so. We had many ABB robot cells which I used to maintain, it was fascinating. Linishing, assembly, paint-line, MIG and the first TIG welding IRB robot. It appears the robot hardware portion of the assembly has reached a plateau, but what I...
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    Buying an E Class

    Spot on IME. Running the E220cdi SE saloon since April, 2yrs hire only, £1200 down and £412 inc vat for the 40k miles. Drag that out to 3yrs and regular mileage and the above is easily realised. My colleague liked it so much he bought one on agility, and in Gloucester haggled it down to just...
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    E Class 220 cdi

    IME you need +100bhp in a big road car to make a serious dent in performance comparisons. Maybe the other guy was just good with the changes and reading the road. Its a slow box in auto guise, but if you know how to fettle it the pick up is surprising.
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    Friendly, these BMW owners...

    E90Post has a decent UK section. I was quite active there and am 'well up' on the 335i and N54 including tuning them. Steve
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    New OEM parts - best discount?

    Is there a recommended OEM parts seller that might offer a worthwhile discount to forum members? Before I ring around for a new engine cover - and yes I'm a careless ****... :fail
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    Mercedes Benz Technician

    It's not easy to estimate your worth. You are about to find out what it is. Good luck. Steve
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    window trim.

    That adhesive trim is better than you think but takes practice to apply well. I did the reverse on the BMW, to black out the chrome window trims. Looked pretty much oem once I got it nailed. Ordered my black tape online from Shadowline, don't think they specifically sell chrome effect but I...
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    Number Plate - using a screw + cap to slightly alter?

    Oh I'm with you, I see ANPR every day in car parks, service stops.... Clearly there to enforce private money making schemes :) The trouble is if you confuse the ANPR and it just happens to look like a dodgy vehicle on the database then you will be having many bad days :)
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    E300 BlueTech Hybrid - 1 Month On....

    Service Engineer. I opted out of my company scheme and took cash +£100 more. That bought me a way better deal than the company can offer. And no tax, but the bigger engine pays me 18ppm plus I claim back the tax difference from HMRC at 40% too. My colleagues bought 'frugal' 1.6 VW and Nissans...
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    No dab

    The DAB in my E220 works fine. I get a little 'broken' reception heading around Devon (shadow of Dartmoor) but not always. On my UK wide travels it never drops at all normally. Listening to Planet Rock most of the day. As for previous comments on touch screen media (like the VW) that is gash...
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    E300 BlueTech Hybrid - 1 Month On....

    I find this hybrid thing all a bit odd. The new E220CDi E here is regularly making 60mpg on a motorway run. I can eek out 68mpg keeping the speed down a bit more. And there are a couple of these E300 around here, they look nice but in the body they seem to be a hybrid of AMG bits mixed with...
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    New A class quieter than my new C???

    The BMW lumps are still more refined and more efficient than anything from the MB stable. Why oh why don't they make a sodding 2.1 version for us CC tax suckers :)
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