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  1. MadMerx

    Lovely Sl55 from Historics

    I prefer the cashmere interior of that to the garish red one. It would be like sitting in a big red posing pouch!
  2. MadMerx

    Auf wiedersehen German Car Companies: the Model Y has arrived

    It was a shame the long pole did not have a sparkler attached to the top to make it look like a proper dodgem car!
  3. MadMerx

    Auf wiedersehen German Car Companies: the Model Y has arrived

    Er looks great? In the dark maybe, with one or more eyes closed. God awful ugly boring things. Now everytime I hear someone bleating on about electric vehicles, remember we have been there before........
  4. MadMerx

    C63 ducktail spoilers

    I think it looks terrible, but would probably go down well in the McDs car park...
  5. MadMerx

    Car Tax proposal buried in the budget.

    Road Tax is a joke, bit like the TV Tax nonsense. Government already takes a huge %-age of the levy on price of each litre but it would seem the simplest and fairest solution, plus you can hardly avoid paying it! Just extend it to include EV charging points too so that all fuels are covered.
  6. MadMerx

    Have You Seen Any Interesting Cars On The Road Lately?

    Amazing looking, beautiful car, I bet it sounds glorious :)
  7. MadMerx

    Formula 1 2020 (Will Contain Race Day Spoilers)

    This was inevitable as things worsen across the world, but there is always the Scalextric to fall back on... ;)
  8. MadMerx

    Formula 1 2020 (Will Contain Race Day Spoilers)

    They were apparently proven in the wind tunnel to make a significant increase in downforce to the car by smoothing the rear airflow from entering the wheel arches. The most amusing thing was the nickname they inherited from the designers and drivers apparently due to their look when driven in...
  9. MadMerx

    Tyres create more pollution than exhaust emissions!

    The report goes on about Non-Exhaust Emissions (NEE) being particles released into the air from brake wear, tyre wear, road surface wear and resuspension of road dust during on-road vehicle usage so it is not just the tyres. Judging by the amount of brake dust on the wheels they probably...
  10. MadMerx

    Formula 1 2020 (Will Contain Race Day Spoilers)

    I am guessing that would have been an XJR9LM and if so, the 7.0L Jaguar V12 must have sounded amazing! :eek: Thanks for sharing that experience of what those cars are capable of! Martin Brundle has that quiet air of huge experience and knowledge when commentating in much the same way as James...
  11. MadMerx

    Formula 1 2020 (Will Contain Race Day Spoilers)

    I bet was an incredible experience to be in one of those cars with a talented driver! I can recall being at Brands Hatch for the 6-hour Group C race back in 1982 or 1983 when the first hour was behind the pace car due to rain and standing water. It then dried out and with surplus fuel they...
  12. MadMerx

    Fake AMG Badge's Photos

    Here is one from eBay for an..... AMG E320 CDI I really hope the left hand badging is not some attempt at a '3.2 AMG' :rolleyes:
  13. MadMerx

    VIN - Check Spec?

    I use this site to find out the build spec of cars - VIN Decoder for Mercedes-Benz
  14. MadMerx

    E500 Coupe WTF!

    Oh dear, I think the owner was on something and I have a mental image of an E class bouncing on each wheel outside the local McDs!
  15. MadMerx


    I applaud the thought of making such a conversion but suspect the cost would be astronomic and would ruin the experience of what makes the SL so enjoyable at the moment. A friend of mine with a custom built engine in his car has a saying that it is 'smiles per gallon' that counts the most...
  16. MadMerx

    E500 Coupe WTF!

    Oh dear looks as though suspension has failed as its fell on the floor! ;-) A classic case of not knowing when to stop
  17. MadMerx

    E10 to be the new standard petrol?

    It looks as though Ultimate 102 is consigned to history as a quick check of the local BP stations only shows Ultimate which I think is 97/98 RON. The only thing I owned that needed crazy rich fuel was a full supersport Yamaha R6 race bike that needed a minimum of Optimax at the time, but went...
  18. MadMerx

    Sticky steering wheel controls

    I did up the ante from baby wipes to kitchen cloth with pledge on it which did move some of the gunk, but made the stickiness even worse! Not sure about nail varnish removed is it may well remove the painted markings. Photo of the circular multi-function buttons as realise my description...
  19. MadMerx

    Sticky steering wheel controls

    Not quite sure how to describe it and totally forgot to take a photo earlier, but both of the four-way circular controls on either side of the steering wheel seem really sticky and tacky to the touch. I tried cleaning them with baby wipes but they still have an almost glue like feel to them...
  20. MadMerx

    Have You Seen Any Interesting Cars On The Road Lately?

    Wow, very nice. It looks like part of a stealth fighter recycling programme!
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