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    Engine Temperature Control

    Tried the same thing myself last weekend. Most I could get was 49.8 and that was on a long steep downhil slope going at 55mph:crazy:
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    Engine Temperature Control

    Yes indeed, quite agree. As a followup as I was doing a long journey this weekend, I decided to see how much I could stretch the MPG to. Best I could manage was 49.8 on a long (steep) downhill stretch at just under 60mph.
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    Engine Temperature Control

    Hi Folks Been a while, but good to be back. Thought I'd post a story about my experiences at my last service and the benefits of a working thermostat. I mentioned to my local mechanic that I'd noticed the car's temperature had gotten a little hot last time I was stuck in traffic on a hot day...
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    Jump Start Gone Wrong

    Or he forgot to take Richard's warning to heart and is now connected to a few monitors of his own :crazy:
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    Winter tyres fitted by Wheels In Motion

    Fair point, but for some reason I just thought the winter tyres would be noisier on the motorway, no particular reason why :dk:
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    Winter tyres fitted by Wheels In Motion

    Just a quick note to say I bought some Winter tyres from Germany and had them fitted last week by Wheels in Motion in Chesham. Was quite a drive as I went from Birmingham to London (to pick up a friend) and then back up to Chesham (8 hours and over 300 miles all together, including a few...
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    Winter Tyres - time to take off?

    I only just put mine on last week! Better late than never:rolleyes:
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    Mercedes-Benz Winter Wheel & Tyre Promotion 2011

    I was quoted a smidge under £2k for a set of 18" alloys:crazy:
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    Kindle Fire -the future?

    Been thinking of getting something for the kids to stop them pestering me for my phone. This looks like it should fit the bill.
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    Winter Tyres

    Yep, website saw me comming :doh: :D Story of my life!
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    Winter Tyres

    Interestingly they only do 17" wheels for my car, I'm currently running 18" so not a like for like comparison. For what it's worth: 17" Design B Wheels - £370 Continental TS180S - £760 Plus VAT Total = £1130
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    Winter Tyres

    Just rang my dealer for a quote (suggest you sit down for the next bit) - 4 winter tyres and alloys (18") - £1989.98 :eek::eek::eek: - Thought he was making an offer on my car! Totally lost my train of thought after that, forgot to even ask what tyres they were:crazy:
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    If it feels good, do it.

    It's why I stayed near Manchester airport when working in Maclesfield, instead of the local Premier Inn Ahhhh, those country lanes, come rain or shine, never failed to put a smile on my face:D :bannana:
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    Back again (again, and , in fact, again)

    If I had a S211 Brabus D6 III I think I might go "missing" for a few weeks :thumb::rolleyes: but welcome back, guess the tank has to run empty sometime :devil:
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    The Other Side

    No idea what you're talking about :rolleyes::devil:
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    What should the next step be??

    sorry to hear about your troubles, hope it gets sorted, it's a wonderful car. As Timskemp says put everything in writting, be open and honest and consider putting in a reasonable time to respond/fix. I agree the air suspension is worth it, if I had to replace my car I'd certainly want it in...
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    E63 designo mystic blue

    Stunning car, the red calipers don't clash that badly......
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    Redex vs V-Power ??

    Started using it soon after I got the car, mainly to see what the benefits were. Kept on using it because it reduced the amount of smoke comming out the back under hard acceleration. I guess it's become habit now, but too expensive a habit, hence the question around is it worth it....
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    Redex vs V-Power ??

    Good to know.....:rock:
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