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    Mercedes Basingstoke review - you won't believe it

    Well, I wouldn't be so certain. Several years ago I was considering a Lexus and I visited the local dealer where they had a showroom display car of the model I was interested in. It wasn't possible to have a test-drive at that time so an appointment was made for mid-morning the next day at...
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    pentosin chf 11s

    I bought mine from either ECP or carparts4less (their online sister company), under one of their many offers.
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    Wheel size v Road Tax

    No, it isn't, it's simply a means of certifying the car at build / initial certifcation. Where would they draw the line, mud flaps have the same effect as would anything that adds weight/drag, ie purchasing/carrying a spare wheel if not originally supplied (or carryjng a full complement of...
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    R231 SL350 been parked up for 6 years. Any advice please?

    Excellent result, you did well to have a main dealer undertake that list of work; you've a great car there.
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    Wheel size v Road Tax

    It's extra air drag as well as friction.
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    Trace Service History

    Why don't you try ringing MB Exeter; if they were the supplying dealer it's a good bet that they serviced it initially. Of course, they might say 'call in with your documents', which might be an issue.
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    "Honest officer - my car told me to do it"

    If you're thinking what I think you are, I wouldn't be posting that on a public internet forum.
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    E-class E350 cabriolet history issues

    I'm happy to be corrected, but that seems to be an unusual regn no. for a Merdedes-owned car; in my experience MB-owned cars are usually in the K* series. It certainly won't have been simply sat awaiting an update for two years; it might require the diesel update which, being an MB dealer, they...
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    Mercedes Benz w140 Full service.

    I would say that at that age of car you're best bet would be to use a respected indie; they're 'relatively' straightforward compared to the new ones and you can concentrate on what really matters rather than a 'computer says' mentality.
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    C Class vs E Class

    The 4-cylinder and 6-cylinder are very different; if you're seriously considering a 350 and/or a 220 you should drive both before committing. In the real world, if you go for the later 265bhp 350 you won't really need to remap it.
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    V8 addict

    It might help if you state which model or approx age you're considering; there are basically four different models of SL500, ie the 107, 129, 230 and 231 series, all very different.
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    What has just went wrong with my car?

    It's not unknown (but not common), on the older W168 & W169 A-classes for a driveshaft to 'drop' out if somebody has undertaken work on them / suspension and they either weren't refitted correctly or the proper procedure wasn't followed. I can't recall the detail / precise reason now but seem...
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    Brochure download

    I've seen the other thread and it sounds as if you've found a good car, congratulations. Unless you can be more specific, AMG sports styling and suspension was std. Options (prices as at Dec 2013, in £s): Airscarf - 575 Wind defl- 525 HK sound - 1150 Keyless Go - 1605 (includes remote boot)...
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    Brochure download

    What exactly do you want to know; I have a 2013 SL brochure and the separate options/prices, happy to look something up if it helps but am not in a position to copy etc..
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    W205 c63 Amg Service B

    Well, technically it does have a full service history in that there is a full history /record of what's been serviced. However, it clearly doesn't have a full service history in accordance with the manufacturer's service schedule; it's a play on words and is certainly not within the 'spirit'...
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    I would have thought the stop start not working was a bonus:) . Does it turn off completely if you press the switch? As has been mentioned, there are many criteria that might affect its operation; if it was me I'd just buy a trickle-charger and try that for a few weeks, making sure it's set...
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    Plymouth STAR

    There's a newish specialist in Brunel Road, Saltash if no other joy. MercServiceSW, 01752 849000. Has STAR.
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    Brake pads sticking to disc

    Yes, common if put away wet. Why not just chock the wheels if you want to leave the handbrake off (assuming garage is level)?
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    2009 A150 3dr w169 facelift driver's wing mirror

    Fair enough, understand. Just double-checking ;)
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    E63 deposit paid

    Very interesting thread, OP, thanks; unfortunately it just seems to reinforce my view of some main dealers. There are good ones out there but you're very reliant on the individual technician doing the work and, as I'm old-school, I like to be 'allowed' to talk with the person who is actually...
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