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    Cheap jump-starter tested???

    Hello guys back from long time ago. Just checked thos jump-starter in eBay and wondered if anyone has tested it. Please let me know.
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    Telling some curiosities about G wagon .

    Hello guys . I have started this thread just for G class .They are many people excited about this car. One thing is that this car has high value in market .Even a 1999 model cost a lot. They looks very strong car .There are not too much looked in car garages .
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    W211 2003 AC flap self calibration ???

    Hello . No heat inside the car . New thermostat just replaced .The engine warms up fine but no warm inside the car. When open front window heat driver side warm ,passenger side cold. Maybe it needs flaps calibration . Is there any way to self calibrate them ? Any opinion would be great.
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    W211 no warm when hot outside???

    Hello people . Is it normal when: in summer you open the heater inside and not warming ?
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    W211 e270 cdi 2003 limp mode????

    Hello my friends. Today the car goes in limp mode. The diagnostic show the code 0105 as in photo attached . Any idea ???
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    W211 E 270 Cdi 2003 brakes sticking !!!!!!

    Hello my friends . This symptoms happens when the brakes are used to much in downhills and in summer. So,happens when is hot outside. Mostly stick the front left brake.The brake pads and rotors are good . If anyone can advise would be great . Thanks in advance.
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    W211 E270 cdi 2003 TAXI mean???

    Hello my friends. Back from a long time ,3 years away. Again with my 6 year old car now. I have read with STAR and this model shows "TAXI".Do not know what does the previous owner used it for. This is an Avantgarde model . Now I want to know what is the difference between TAXI model and normal...
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    MBClub android app ???

    Any mobile app for forum?
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    w204 c220 cdi 2009 DPF off

    Hello all. I want to DPF off the car . So far I have the ECU file with DPF off ready to be flashed .But what should I do before that?? After that do I have to remove the DPF from the car?? Thanks in advance
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    w211 sbc C2498 error code

    Service brake visit workshop message .how to remove this. I have star days xentry
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    w211 NAV or Maps problems .

    Hello all my friends. My w211 2003 doesn't read the maps CD in the boot . Before has been worked.after I eject the map CD from the DVD in the boot for a long time (2 month).When inserted back after 2 month the NAC doesn't read the CD . Any advice appreciated .
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    w211 display faulty !!!!?

    Hello guys. My car shows "Display faulty visit workshop" , and there is Oil sign. What does this mean ? Maybe oil level is low . Thanks in advance.
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    GIS anyone ?

    Hello guys.Does anyone here use GIS? ArcGIs
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    Any girl here ? or we are mustache all

    Hello everyone .I wonder if this forum has girls users.
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    w211 e270 cdi broken ??

    Hi all my friends. The wire of sensor of crankcase breather hose that goes to turbo is broken.there is no light in dash for that .What is the role of crankcase breather sensor ??
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    w211 e270 cdi steering wheel oil???

    Hello all.i want to replace the steering wheel oil because when the engine warms the steering wheel become hard. What oil do I need and how to replace it???
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    w211 E270 cdi 2003 capacity ???

    Hi my friends. How many litres does it take to full fill the fuel tank in this model ?? And how much is a line in fuel display ? Thnx
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    w211 steering strange ??

    Hi , My car has made a strange rubbing noise when steer left to right or reverse.This happens when I take a journey for about 30 min or more.When start up after a day the steer is light and doesn't have that rubbing noise.It doesn't whine and the oil is full. So to conclude after a journey the...
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    w211 2003 reverse camera install!!!

    Hi all. I want to install reverse camera in my car.It has big screen nav dvd.What do I need ????
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    w211 injectior misfire WTF!!!

    Hi all.My E270 cdi 2003 has some problems. First it has 2 cylinders misfire (2, 4).One injector has chuf chuf noise. What does these cause??
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