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    Slight vibration advice

    Although its an auto it has a spider plate for the starting of the motor. The 5the gear bearing in the transmissions is known to fail and the symptoms are a vibration at low speeds and at idle. Good luck.
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    W202 plug wires

    Good day all. My. 1999 c240 is fitted with 2. 2 kilo ohm plug wires. But the dealer supplies 3. 3 kilo ohm units as replacements . I find a markable reduction in performance with them fitted. What are you recommendations, will doing a CPU reset help.... I have gone back to the old plug...
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    w202 front door lock replacement

    Help please, how do I remove and replace the actuator on the w202 front door locking system. This system is fitted with a remote that opens and closes the windows.Iv striped it down to the point that I can hold it in my hand but cant get it down to remove and replace the actuator any assistance...
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    w202 1999 c240

    Front door lock removal assistance please RHD MODEL I'VE got it to the latch been free from the body but I cant move it down to the check the actuator Any assistance will be apreciated.
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    Not solved! Assistance please ,w202, 1999, how do I remove and replace the front door locking actuators, all the other doors work fine, I've tested and its the locking mechanism. I can detect the air bypassing when operating the remote button.
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    w202 ac compressor

    Andbody out their with a serviceable w202 c320 ac compressor unit, pleas let in as they are unobtainable in SOUTH AFRICA. and our rxchange rate is going for a loop
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    W202 wont shift gear and no gear display

    W202 1995-1999 where fitted with the first electronics gearbox. Mine has eaten two bearings and at a later stage a complete solinoid control electronic card My advise to you is move it along to somebody else as they also have the worst wiring system or quality I have seen in the 40 years I've...
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    Help Needed -K- Jettronic wiring diagram

    Ok I have a miss fire at idle, cant find the correct schematic diagram. So I am going to make one for the w202 c240 motor engine is a 112910 motor. With your help you can help me post the schematic.stuff the dealer, iv never owned a vehicle with such poor wiring. MB should recall all thees...
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    w202 c240 Mercedes Benz 1999

    Anyone know how I can get a schematic diagram of the cpu for the engin management with a 112910 v6 2400cc motor
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    w202 1999 c240 v6

    Can anybody please help in any way . Where is the idle control valve on a c240 v6 motor .(engine number 11291062274128)
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    w202 fogs go dim when headlights on full

    The w202 series is notorious for the poor wiring looms. I agree that you check the wiring harness. Also test the voltage at the battery with the motor running and the mainbeams switched on. The voltage must be at 13.2 volt (DC) if not you may have a VOLTAGE REGULATOR Problem ...good luck
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    w202 c240 v6 motor

    Can anybody inform me where I can purchase a diagnostics tool with lead a list of codes. Mutch apreciated!
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    air conditioning compressor and under dash fan required for w202 c240 v6 motor

    Hi all. My Benz has covered 413000 km and is starting to require a few parts! The air conditioning compressor and the under dash fan motor,any assistance will be highly appreciated thanks
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    engine miss firing

    Yes after much head scratching and concidering leaving my car at the dealer for days I climed in and did as I discribed in the previous she purs like a kitten.
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    Experts to find/fix electrical problems?

    Looking ar all you have decsribed it sounds as if you have a bad ground connection somewhere.
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    engine miss firing

    Remove the old plugs, check every plug wire for visual damage using a multimeter check the resistance of every plug wire. In my case the resistance must be 2k ohm. Replace complete set if one is found to be out of specfications. Replace the plugs and new plug wires. Now check the wiring harness...
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    engine miss firing

    How can I detect a mis fire on a 6 cylinder twin spark v6 w202 c240
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    w202 1999 c240 schematic diagram of the engine wiring

    Hi the STAR check just indicates that the motor is missing on 1, 3, 6 cylinders. The MB DEALER service station dont have a clue because their system keeps indicating that different cylinders have a miss. SO now I dont know.
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    w202 1999 c240 schematic diagram of the engine wiring

    Good day all, I have an intermittent fault that causes the motor to run very rough at low revs. Above 2000 rpm it runs as normal.Any help will be appreciated
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    w202 fuel pump and filtre c240 1999 model

    Hi All, Can anyone please inform me as to why their are 4 pipes on the pump and 4 pipes on the filter unit 2 on eitherside of the pump and the same on the filtre. Much apreciated.
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