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    Brittania Rescue - Dont Do It!

    We've just cancelled a breakdown cover with BRITTANIA RESCUE, with some time left to run on the policy. I've been informed that we will not get a refund, "because of the insurance based nature of the policy" - they do not have a policy of refunding their customers, unless we are willing to...
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    1996 Mercedes C200 For Sale - £3500 offers

    1996 Mercedes C200 Elegance Auto (5). 92K, E/W, S/R. Full History - Main Dealer up to 81,000, and the 90K done by Merc-spec in Middlesbrough. Detatchable towbar (Only ever pulled my little Halfords camping trailer! ) Recent Tyres all round and recent Bilstein Shocks all round...
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    C200 W202 Misfire.

    Help folks - I'm confused. I've got a misfire at low revs which happens when the revs go down to low levels as I brake for a corner. The engine refuses to accelerate away from the corner, then misfires, then pulls OK. Help???? (MAS problem??) :confused:
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    MERC-SPEC, Middlesbrough

    Off Newport Road, Middlesbrough. 90,000 Service on a C200, £155. Great service, some honest prices for paintwork, helpful people, will be going back for the 99,000 service. Stewart.
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    New Bilsteins = Different Car.

    Wow. Just put New Bilstien Original (Non-sport, non-lowered) shocks all round on the Merc. What a difference! - It's never handled and ridden so well in all the time I've had it. (Had 51K on when I bought it). ;) £244 all-in from Eurocarparts. - Well worth it. :D :D
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    Ivory Heater Dials.

    Koolvin/Anyone! Help. Bought the ivory heater dials, but could do with some advice on how to fit them. I've had the control unit out and stripped. Did you just cut the original displays off the front and glue/bodge the new ones on? :( Not sure what to do now, so I've put it all...
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    Dealership Satisfaction Shock Horror.

    YEEEE-HAAAAA!!!! Finally the beast drives straight. After various attempts to solve the pulling left problem its fixed!!!! Many thanks to Lawrence in service at Rycroft in Stockton, and Jamie the mechanic who sorted that and an engine problem. Next person into Rycroft - Let Lawrence know...
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    False Alarms! - Then Red Mirror Light flashs 7 times-Help!

    I knew everything was going too well. Haven't been on for a while cos it's been working fine. But - my 1996 C200 alarm has started goin off intermittently. When I turn the ignition on afterwards, the red light on the rear view mirror flashes 7 times, pauses, then flashes 7 times again...
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    Phew! - Made it thrugh the 72K rip-off

    I gotta say - my Local dealer has just been a real pleasure to deal with for a change. Was dealt with by a guy called Craig Wilson at Rycroft mercedes on the service desk and it was a real delight to talk to someone who obviously knew about the cars he was dealing with in the service. I ended...
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    That Darn Chrome Thing

    I been looking for the part no. for the W202 5 speed auto pre-tiptronic gearbox chrome shift surround in the previous posts - I know it appeared a few times and I should have written it down then!. After failing miserably to find it with a bemused Merc parts manager to find the part no. - can...
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    LCD display

    Anyone else got a completely blank LCD display in the lower left of the dashboard, underneath the water temp/petrol guage. ( 96 W202 elegance ) I've been told that the external temp sensor that uses that bit was optional and not present on all cars, but that sounds daft to me. I got no sensor...
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    Get the Original Brochures

    Peter Jones is a car brochure collector who found the original brochures and pricelists for my car. He asks if anyone else wants one (at a price&#33<img src="" border="0" valign="absmiddle" alt=';)'>
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