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    C220 Diesel coldstart

    For some time now I have had a problem when starting my 1994 C220D from cold. When I turn the key, after the heater plug light goes out, the engine fires, races for a second and dies. At the same time the ECD light comes on, I am told that this is a fuel pressure light. After 3 or 4 goes the car...
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    Haunted Wipers Revisited

    Narrowed down the fault that makes my C220D wipe when it winks - basically the fault is in the twist to operate wiper switch - the slightest pressure on the stalk makes the switch think that I want the wipers on. Any way that I can get the switch apart or renew it without changing the whole...
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    C220D Haunted Wipers

    As no-one would answer this on usenet...... When I indicate right in my '94 C220D, the wiper comes on, in intermittent mode. When I cancel it, I get a burst of continuous wipe, as if I'd washed the screen. When I go left, the wipers switch off. I'm going to take the combination switch out...
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    C220D dip/turn switch WANTED

    The combination switch behind the wheel seems to have had enough - when it winks it wipes! Anyone got a good used one before I shell out the price of a MOT'd runabout to the stealership for a new one?
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    FS - 190 Witter Towbar

    Genuine Witter bar, with all new fitting kit & instructions, £50, buyer collects or prepays carriage. Would swap C220D towbar
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    190 Witter towbar

    Witter towbar, for 190, with all new bolts and spacers, and Witter instruction sheet. First £60, or swap for same to fit '94 C Class. C Class towbar wanted if I don't get a swap! Manchester area, Dave, 0161 303 0409 or
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