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    Help. srs lamp flashing after recall

    Hi, wonder if a knowledgable person on here can help me with a problem on 2007 c220 sport w204... Got a letter from Mercedes saying my car has a recall to replace SRS control unit Took it in today and when I picked it up the service guy said there's a fault on passenger seat pad and module...
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    W204 Rear Wheel Bearing kit

    Hi, I own a W204 2007 C220 Sport. The left hand rear wheel bearing is worn causing a loud rumble at speeds above 25mph. I noticed you can get a bearing kit for these with 4 bolts that bolt the bearing to the hub. Are these easy to do. Can you do it without removing the drive shaft. I...
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    W204 NTG4 screen dead HELP

    Hi, I have a C220 sport 2007 with the Comand NTG4. last week the screen kept flickering but then was ok till yesterday when it completely went out. I still have all the functions but no screen. radio and voicetronics is ok. the screen opens and closes ok. i removed the fuse for the comand...
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