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    W251 Leak Off O Ring

    Hi All I have a 2007 Mercedes R320. Last March I had to replace the leak off which the part was about £130. An O ring has failed, and Sinclair in Swansea say its covered by 2 year warranty. However they say I must drive the car pissing with diesel to them and they will inspect it first. I...
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    ML Oily Leaks (don't think oil tho)

    Hi My 2003 270 ML has started dropping an oily substance on the drive again. Last time is needed a new turbo pipe, the one that goes into part 47 as shown on the diagram. This time the area is very damp again but to me looks like 56,119 or 113 are at fault. Do these usually need replacing...
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    Fumes Smell W251 /R320

    Hi For the past month or so Ive though 'Hmm I am sure I can smell a slight exhaust / fumes in the cockpit' but have been 50:50. Now I definitely think I can. Its a 2007 R320, any obviously places I should check and if so what should I look for? Ta Louis
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    SRS Front Right Malfunction on R320

    Hi Guys. Not having a good week with SRS. First my mother's 2006 A Class and now my wife's 2007 R320. The W251 R320 is saying Front Right SRS Malfunction. Is this definitely the airbag on the drivers side? Ta Louis
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    W169 SRS Light

    Hi My Mum's W169 2006 A170 decided to display the SRS light as she drove to the mot garage. The garage said its probably the passenger seat mat. Can I tell it is definitely that from. OBD2? Ta
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    8 Litres of Petrol in a CDi

    Hi, Its been a hell of a week and I was distracted when at the petrol station. I put 8 litres of petrol into the tank of my 2003 270ML CDi. As soon as I realised what I had done I stopped, hence just 8 litres. The guys in the petrol station its such a small amount just carry on filling with...
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    W251 Reversing Sensors issue

    Hi Are there any common fixes for the reversing sensors? Ive 2 issues which I am sure are seperate, rear not working and front every now and again goes mental thinking something is right in front of my front right side. I assume I need to replace the front right sensor, not sure how easy that...
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    Rear Heater Controls

    Hi I have a w251, 2007 R320 Sport. Originally there was a pen tray instead of rear heater controls. In theory this should be an easy retro fit as the vents are already there and are currently contolled via the main controls ie speed and either feet or face. The wiring loom is already in the arm...
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    Help Needed Please: Identifying a pipe on W163 270CDi

    Hi, I need to replace a pipe, I believe it's connecting to the EGR Cooler? What is this called? Does it come with the metal clip? I have a photo here: image1[42928].JPG Many Thanks Louis
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    W251 - Do the backs come off the cabin seats?

    Hi, I'd like to fit TV monitors to the headrests of the middle row in a 2007 R320 (W251) . I have the 6 seater model. There are no screws at the bottom like on the drivers seat. Does the backs even come off? Many Thanks Louis
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    W251 Steering Height not moving

    I have a 2007 R320 which I believe is a w251. The controls for the steering wheel up/down do not work. I've read the easy exit feature puts wear on this and it's common to fail on other models. However on reading in the forums people can hear the motor but their dog bone has snapped. I can not...
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    A170 Bonnet Catch - Adjustable??

    Hi I really really struggle to close the bonnet on my 2006 A170. Is it adjustable in anyway? I really have to slam it down with full force and I am about to sell and doesnt look looked after as it is. Ta
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    R320 / W251 Video Monitors

    Hi Ive seen about 50% of the R320’s have DVD type monitors in the head rests or similar. Is retro fit an easy option if I dont have these? If not has anyone fitted a ceiling mounted display? Any feedback? Thanks
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    W169 Blowers

    hi I have a 2006 w169 and am not really able to demist the windscreen. After 30mins only have done. I dont have aircon, the controls seem to work, the fan on speed 5 sounds strong and and when I turn the knob to the various positions a strong force of warm air is felt on every setting but...
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    W163 ML270 Rear Seats stuck

    Hi I have a 2003 ML270. The larger of the two rear seat is in the down flat position and the level on the side feels loose. I can hear the cable moving when I pull the handle so Im thinking it has dropped off the other end. Does anyone know where I find that? Ta
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    Door Pillar Stickers

    Hi Ive just bought a rear door and the pillar sticker needs replacing. A Class, Near side Rear. Ive seen these stickers can be replaced. How would I identify which this is? Ive seen B and C pillar stickers and have no idea what that means. Ta
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    W163 12s Trailer Curcuit

    Hi Fuse 18 (I think) is marked as 25a fuse Trailer in the fuse box. Currently the other end (ISO connection in bumper vent) has nothing connected with just a standard 12n connection. Did Mercedes give any specification on this circuit which they deliberately included for 12v trailer use...
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    W163 Trailor Electrics

    Hi The ML has the bolt holes ready for a trailor but does it have a connection ready for the trailor lights connector? Also Im doing my BE test next month and have been told there must be an audio indication when the trailor lights are being used and they say this would probably be canbus...
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    Lost AM reception after installing aftermarket unit

    Hi Ive removed the unit from my A170 (w169) and have good FM but no AM. My car had a standard roof aerial not Fakra, do I need to power an built in amplifier? Ta
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    Bare A Class Door (W169)

    Hi Ive caught a wall and managed to get two doors in the right colour far cheaper than the quotes from bodyshops to repair. The issue I have is the doors are bare, does anyone know where I can get guidance on fitting the glass and winder mechanisms? Thanks
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