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    2012 313 sprinter in limp mode

    hi all I'm looking for info for my 2012 sprinter . It goes into limp mode when going up hill. I get fault code P226300 The boost pressure deviates from the specified value. I've seen various suggestions online and quite a bit of discussion about the inlet manifold. Is the inlet manifold on...
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    W906 sprinter sound system upgrade

    hi all I’d like to upgrade the sound in my sprinter van and I’d like to be able to stream music from my iPhone to the head unit. I have realised I can’t do this with factory unit (unless someone tells me different!) so I need a new head unit. I don’t want an unsightly dab aerial stuck to my...
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    Quick help please, which is vin on this sprinter?

    Hi All I’m looking at buying another sprinter . The one I’m looking at has 2 stickers with vin information . The small black one to the left of the drivers seat base says gross train weight is 5500 but another sticker further to the right says gross train weight is 6300 can you tell me is the...
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    Sprinter digital speedo in kmh

    Hi All My 2012 sprinter 313 digital speed readout is in kmh I have looked in the manual but can't seem to figure out how to change it to mph. Surely I don't have to have it in kmh permanently? Cheers Vin
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    Sprinter no external temp sensor

    Hi All My 2012 sprinter 313 doesn't have an outside temperature readout. Can I add this to the van ? If so is it difficult? Cheers Vin
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    Reversing tow hitch camera sprinter

    Hi All I want to fit a camera to aid lining up for hooking on trailer. I like the high level brake light cameras but don't know if they can be used to see the tow ball. Does anyone know? Also can it be integrated into Audi 20 head unit on a 2012 van ? Cheers Vin
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    What are different audio options 12 sprinter

    Hi All I'm looking at buying a used 2012 313 sprinter. I have a few options of vans but am confused by the audio and Bluetooth options. Some say they have Bluetooth and some say they don't but all the head units look identical. One van I like has an audio 20 unit according to the manual in...
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    Hi All I'm looking for some help on potential purchase of a sprinter. I'm looking for a used van and need some info on the best engines and what to steer clear off. Potentially a 313 or 316 mwb high roof . Which forum would be best to post my query in ? Cheers Vin
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