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    A-Class offer, courtesy of Volvo

    If you're planning to buy a new A-Class on finance and tell Volvo you prefer it to their V40, they'll cover your first repayment (up to £299). V40 Challenge
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    R172 SLK55 - first impressions

    This Friday I'll have had my R172 for four weeks, so it's high time I took stock of the ownership experience so far. I make no apology for drawing various comparisons with my previous SLK, and with my Yeti (which I've also been getting to know over the past month). Driving it Well...
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    Whoops! I'm in Doncaster...

    How did that happen?! :confused:
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    Back in the fold

    As mentioned elsewhere, I finally picked up my (third) SLK this afternoon, so I am once again an MB owner. Going to be taking it easy for the first 1000 miles, as recommended, but I will also be looking to cover those as quickly as possible so that the fun can begin. :)
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    Today, I have mostly been driving...

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    1 down, 1 to go...

    Not a defection as such, but I finally took delivery of the Yeti this afternoon; the SLK should be with me by this time next week. Can't be every day that a 1.2-litre Yeti beats a 5.5-litre SLK...
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    How much?

    Rang MoreThan this evening to confirm that I wanted to cancel the insurance on the SLK. It had been running since 25th October last year, at which point the premium was £618.43. Anyone care to guess how much they're refunding me?
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    First tank of fuel

    With just over a month to go now until my next SLK arrives, I've been wondering about the first tank of fuel that the dealership will provide. Having run my current SLK almost exclusively on Shell V-Power (and Optimax before that), I'd like to continue the tradition with the new one. Does one...
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    Upon finding a hair in one's pear and walnut chutney...

    ...what should one do? Just go ahead and eat it - it won't kill you? Dispose of the hair, but eat the rest of the chutney? Return the chutney to the victualler and request a refund? Demand compensation from the victualler in addition to a refund? Write a letter of complaint to the...
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    Quad tail pipes: what are they for?

    My new SLK comes with "quad" tail pipes (ie: two tail pipes for each rear silencer). Are they just for show or do they serve any useful purpose? Would I lose anything in terms of performance or aural pleasure if I were to get them replaced with the more discreet dual tail pipes from the SLK 350?
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    Do I need phone prep?

    This may be a daft question, but do I need to order telephone pre-wiring for my new SLK if I want to use a phone via COMAND online/steering wheel buttons, or does Bluetooth connectivity supersede the need for pre-wiring (with compatible devices)?
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    Holy moly!

    Remember this from last year's Frosty Cars thread? Well, I took advantage of the dry weather last weekend to swap the X1/9's shapeless grey cover for a smart new fitted one. As the old cover came off, I found that the bodywork was in somewhat worse condition than I remembered. Holes...
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    Easy entry/exit in R172

    Question for Alfie/Richard, probably... One of the most useful features on my R171 is that easy entry/exit puts the driver's seat back when getting out - particularly handy when there's not enough room to open the door fully in car parks. It also helps to prevent scuffing the seat bolsters...
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    Tony Fowkes - highly recommended

    The SLK's been with Tony Fowkes for a little TLC. Top item on the fix list was the out-of-sight, out-of-mind split in the lower front bumper, which I've been forgetting to get sorted ever since it happened in October 2011. :o Then there was a nasty scratch in the passenger door, which was...
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    Reg Presley, RIP

    Reg Presley, lead singer with The Troggs and crop circle enthusiast, died yesterday, aged 71. 3WOdnA3TMGU
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    Toying with a dolly

    With a Yeti on order, I have been wondering whether it would be feasible to use it to tow my X1/9 should the need arise. The Yeti has a braked towing capacity of 1.2 tonnes, while the X1/9 weighs just under a tonne. I don't have room to store a flatbed trailer, and in any case I presume the...
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    They know, don't they...

    Cars. I'm convinced they know when you're planning to sell them, and deliberately start misbehaving in ways they never have throughout your ownership. Many years ago, just as I was driving my Beta HPE onto the forecourt of a Lancia dealership (anyone remember Len Street in Drayton Gardens?) to...
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    Controlling people with a stick

    Does anyone have any recent experience of this? I could do with some tips as I must be doing something wrong. Used to be quite adept at it, but these days people just seem to be hell bent on doing whatever they want. :mad:
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    VIN look-up at

    Not sure whether it's been mentioned before, but I noticed today that you can enter/store your VIN on the official MB UK website, and it will list the car's original specification (mine is shown below as a sample). The option sits within "My Mercerdes | My vehicles". Is this the same level of...
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    Base for shed

    I need to get a concrete base laid for a garden shed. The external dimensions are 5.1 x 2.9 metres, so the base will need to be a little bigger than that all round, and it will be sitting on a part of my lawn. Does anyone know what the going rate (in labour) would be to get this done...
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