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    Great Photos

    I now it,s not a Mercedes but these are great photos
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    Orange engin light on ?

    Hi all Drove my E 220CDI to town this morning (6 Miles ) when I started the engine to comeback it missed fired a lot & had no power it felt like it was going to breakdown it seemed to clear it self but will only rev to 3000 RPM now the orange engine light is on Should I try to drive it to the...
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    Smoking E211

    Has any one heard of this problem before I have a new E-Class 220cdi with just over 2000 miles 4 times now I have been driving not fast and when I look in the mirror the smoke coming out from the back look like an F1 car that has blowen its motor yes I mean clouds of blue & white smoke there is...
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    211 Phone cradle

    Hi I have a new 211 with phone pre wire with a Semens S75 do you know what other phone works with this cradle Thanks
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    New Broken 220CDI

    I bought a new E-Class 220CDI 6 days ago after one tank of fuel it stoped in a cloud of smoke taken to a MB workshop on a tow truck it was found to have water in the diesel 2 injectors gone as no one knows at what point the water got into the tank should the warranty cover the repair ????????
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