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    Ordered a Skoda today!!

    I can fully understand your move to Skoda I hope it gives you good service I am not going to say how bad my 8 month old E-Class is I think members dont want to here it but Mercedes cars are now NOT worth the money
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    Shock news, BMW to possible get good-looking cars again!

    & I was just geting used to them
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    Know your speed limits

    Having driven HGVs for 30 years I think the speed limit should be 50 MPH just think if all HGVs drove at 40 MPH the problems it would cause
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    Low wide tyres and snow

    I disagree I have had FWD, RWD & 4WD cars & trucks 4WD you get the best traction & engine brakeing FWD cars are far easier to drive beter traction & engine brakeing RWD cars yes they can be a hoot but come down an ice covered hill no engine braking rear wheels turning at 4MPH engine at...
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    Why a B service

    My 9 month old 12000 mile E-Class wants a C service in 2000 miles will this cost more than the value of the car ?
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    The truth about smoking

    The longest lifespan of any country in europe is NOT Greece it,s Andorra
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    Any Sage Experts?

    This is very good advise I have used sage for years set it up & it will pay back 10 fold
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    VERY high mileage W220!

    looks great for the miles it,s done
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    Detroit AUTO SHOW 2009: Mercedes-Benz E-Class Revealed

    Yes I will sell it but an 8 month old car when a new model is just comming out is not the best time to sell unless you want it ?
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    Detroit AUTO SHOW 2009: Mercedes-Benz E-Class Revealed

    Hyndai back lights Jaguar gear knob Renault 18 bonnet same stupid parking brake if it is 10 times better than my 8 month old E-Class it still wont be good enough
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    Driving in Europe.

    I agree with you say I live now in the south of France and most of the time it,s a pleasure to drive I think the big problem on the UK is that the roads are full and when a driver gets into the outside lane they just stay there
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    Finally - Jag XF

    sounds very nice might buy one
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    Auto headlights on or off???

    I leave my auto lights on but the system on my new E-Class is so very poor light go on in sunshine and off when it rains wippers go on when it,s not raining and off when it rains it,s just very very poor for what should be a good car
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    Owning a CL500...................

    You have the car for a couple of months & only driven 500 miles, why ?
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    Invoicing Software

    I have used Sage for many years a very good & compleat package not to hard on the pocket
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    Poor poor 560 SEC!

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    Safety Camera Bike's

    simple dont speed & you dont have to pay I agree with all you say but we all know they are out to get us
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    New C Class - Phone Preparation

    I have a new E-Class with phone preparation it cost £400 very bad value if you get a tex I have to take the phone out of the £150 craddle then read it ( 3 points & £60 fine ) when you change your phone it,s £150 + to buy a new craddle to make a phone call it,s about 10 or 20 push buton on the...
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    Top Gear economy challenge

    320 CDI has an 80l tank but the 220 cdi has a 65l tank
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    The New 2009-10 E-class

    But will it be as good as a Toyota or a Hyundia ?
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