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    iPhone 6S 64gb

    Must be network unlocked, space grey and in excellent condition. Would also prefer the piece of mind of AppleCare + warranty.
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    Something Different

    Spotted these 2 earlier in Leigh Delamere services. Both sporting German plates, I assume they've been to Glastonbury though they maybe looked a little clean for that. Certainly better than a tent if that is the case.
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    Sub £20k C63 Financial Suicide?

    Just sat browsing Autotrader as you do and have noticed the C63's are coming in under £20k now. So discounting the write-off's and others with a dubious past and assuming you do your homework with regard to service history etc are there any major pitfalls lurking round the corner which will...
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    155mph in a C200 Must have been downhill with a following wind.
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    S63 v Golf Club

    Apparently the result of poor customer service, who'll be the first to suggest T-Cut. ;-)
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    C350e anyone considering one?

    Having a little browse on the Mercedes website earlier and noticed the info on the C350e. The figures sound quite impressive with a combined MPG in excess of 130 and a 0-60 time of less than 6 seconds. I realise these things have to be taken with a pinch of salt but it does sound good. I've...
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    Life Fitness X5 Cross Trainer

    Due to converting the garage back to car storage I need to free up some space hence the Cross Trainer needs to go. This is the model in question Originally supplied by John Lewis to the first owner and costing her £3000 I've owned it for just...
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    iPad Air 16gb Silver

    Purchased from John Lewis on the 23rd March 2014 so will have the remainder of their 2 year warranty, receipt will be included. First thing I did was remove the cellophane and fit a screen protector, it has always been kept in a Lente book style cover hence the body being unmarked. It's never...
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    Brand new M&S Jacket 48 Med

    Earlier in the year I ordered a number of jackets from M&S in the hope of finding one which fitted well. For some reason this one was never returned and has sat in the spare room ever since. It's still in the sealed bag having not even been tried on. Unfortunately it's now well past the 35...
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    £100k off screen price

    When I bought my current car in Dec 2012 I noticed a few other vehicles the dealer had in stock at the time. As I still receive the weekly stock list emails this one particular vehicle has always caught my eye. Today the email comes through and they've knocked £100,000 off the screen price...
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    What a waste.

    All for the sake of insurance fraud. (Mild language warning)
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    Street Musician

    Just stumbled across this on FB, well worth a watch, if only all street musicians were this good. *language warning on page*
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    New York, New York

    Somehow we started looking for a break in Iceland and ended up with 5 nights in New York instead. Neither of us have been to the States before so there's lots of online research going on in preparation. Apart from the usual touristy type things are there any other "must do's" while we're...
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    Flying to New York

    Currently looking into booking 2 return flights from London to New York. Most airlines seem to be between £880 & £920ish for our chosen dates & times. BA is coming in at just over £1000. Are there any significant pro's or con's which should lead us to choose one over another? It looked like...
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    C63 in Miglior anyone on here?

    Not sure if anyone else follows Miglior detailers on Facebook but they've just completed a C63 detail, posted some good pics online. Wondering if it belongs to a member here?
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    New C63 testing
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    Will this T-Cut out?

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    Not quite eBay - Gullwing.

    Something a little different coming up for auction in Monaco soon.
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    AC/DC - Chello Version

    Something a little different.
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    Taking a risk

    I'm sure there'll be some questions asked if the water gets any higher. Could be looked upon as good advertising though as the pic does the rounds online.
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