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    Code P034062 Repair

    It will be the chain or intake camshaft gear I would think. It is common even at low miles
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    w204 c63's seem to be holding value

    My estate is probably worth 26-28k now. I cannot think of anything to replace it with for the money. I paid 34k just over 2.5 years ago nearly and have put 21,000 miles on it. So I don’t think the depreciation is that bad at all
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    722.9 VGS1 Gearbox Problems in Merseyside are very good. Worth sending both valvebody and plate to them for testing and repair
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    Crankshaft position sensor failed. Higher repair cost than expected!

    If it's a w203 then it is a fiddly job. Really tight in there
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    Nice C63 for sale.

    The coupes are so nice in white!
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    W212 E300 Hybrid Battery Malfunction

    I’m glad it’s getting sorted for you under warranty really good news! I’m getting straight onto my local dealer to order one of those suits
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    Help: Problem with E320 cdi 2007.

    I reckon the inlet motor. Worth getting the turbo cleaned and actuator changed while it’s off
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    Help: Problem with E320 cdi 2007.

    What is interesting is usually those faults all go to current because the inlet motor blows a fuse...
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    Mercedes c220 coupe 2013 maf sensor problem

    On this engine the code you are experiencing was caused by the split pipe. Check the dpf values and make sure it hasn’t got full because of the limp mode issue. What you are experiencing with the code not going after replacing the split hose nearly always happens with that fault code
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    Help: Problem with E320 cdi 2007.

    Get the codes read. Most common causes are turbo actuator or inlet port motor
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    Slipping auto box - Vito

    No it’s unlikely it would cure a valvebody issue.
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    Slipping auto box - Vito

    First thing to have check fluid condition and level. After that it could be a valvebody problem, or a component in the main transmission power train causing oil pressure loss/ slip. First port of call is fluid and filter. The tech can look for signs of damaged fragments when the sump is removed.
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    Uber has license pulled..

    I'm sure they will get their own way. You crack on and get to where you need to go fast and cheap
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    Uber has license pulled..

    Black cabbies have to undergo 'the knowledge', which is the equivalent to 'a degree' so I'm told. So why should some random guy be allowed to grab a car on finance, get a licence, and drive folk around without any background checks? Why should black taxi drivers have to play to a totally...
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    Self adaptation EML

    Air mass meter is common for this on the M272 engine providing there aren't any air leaks and the codes relate to both engine banks. Done lots
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    W204 C63 ESP Module replacement part

    Ask them to try an update first
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    Mercedes C63 AMG W204 - Facelift

    When I bought mine it didn't bother me going direct to Mercedes Benz as I know it means nothing. I knew what I wanted ( an estate 2012/13 and black on black ) I bought privately because I like to deal 1 on 1 rather than through a sales robot. I wouldn't hold your breath on the ass falling out...
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    W203 Coupe Engine Noise

    Timing chain rattle. Very common
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    R.I.P Malcolm aka Television

    Very sad RIP
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    CLS63/E63 Timing Chain Issues (M157)

    It's the secondary chain tensioner. A check valve is fitted in the head to prevent the oil draining back and the chain stretching. The tensioner and check valve can be fitted by removing the top timing covers. There are a few engine variants affected by this.
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