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    I need to contact gchilds

    managed to find the files. there are 4 in total about 100mb each. let me know how these can be uploaded somewhere. not had to do this before
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    I need to contact gchilds

    Sure I'll look tonight
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    I need to contact gchilds

    Thanks Dec! Tyler let me know if you still need them and I'll try and dig out.
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    Wanted - iphone 3gs

    Must be unlocked and with box and accessories. Looking to pay around £80 What have u got?
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    W202 Donor Car

    Take a look at the details of the car I'm selling. You may find buying mine and getting that back to mint using your current car as a donor!
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    spring clean - few things on eBay

    Few items for sale following a clean up...on eBay but will sell to anyone on hear if interested. Collection from Uxbridge or Greenford, west London. HP TOUCHPAD, OFFICIAL CASE AND TOUCHSTONE - very good condition
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    C280 V6 sport. 1997 R Reg

    Silver 96 k on the clock Full black leather sport interior Owned in family far about 7 years. Bought by me from MB Always serviced at main dealer at great expense. 2 keys Bodywork has a few scratch and scrapes. Rust around arches and boot lock. Make me an offer Based in London uxbridge.
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    Sky hd box

    After the slimline version of the sky hd box. The one without hardrive/recording. Drop me a pm if you have one. £25
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    E90 330i

    Agree. The e90 forum is warming to me, but not really a wealth of info, participation or as well structured as this forum!
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    C55 in gold

    Nothing a vinyl wrap wouldn't fix ;) Looks like a good price for mileage
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    E90 330i

    Yup. Uk section. Had a few replies since so getting there. Just doesnt seem to be as instant as this forum
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    E90 330i

    Tried e90post zero response so far. Will try the other links posted. Considering how much activity we have on this forum I was expecting lots of good advice on the BMW ones too. Yet to see this though
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    E90 330i

    No. Will give it a go before resorting to shudes suggestion!
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    E90 330i

    Tried a couple BMW forums, completely void of any real useful info and not participation. Have I been spoiled on my club?
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    Dynavin install

    Sounds like a complete solution. Nice one
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    Dynavin install

    Looks nice and tidy. How long did it take you?
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