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  1. kcsun

    Jizer or APC

    Slightly "off topic" but I would like some advice I want to clean my engine bays (not on the SL) on the daily drivers which are filthy with grease, diesel oil, dirt, grime and lots of other unmentionables. Do I use Jizer (is it still available??) or an APC to clean the muck off, my theory is to...
  2. kcsun

    DIY Ceramic coating (again!)

    My car has already had a professional coat of G-techniq ceramic, however I did not pay to have the wheels ceramic coated, I have read on forums that cleaning wheels is so much easier if they are coated and I fancy having a go myself. Any suggestions on "easy to apply" and long lasting...
  3. kcsun

    New Mercedes AA Class

    watch kc
  4. kcsun

    Trump does it again

  5. kcsun

    Servicing Essex/Suffolk

    I have a 2019 SL63AMG and just about to take out a 3 service, care plan using the 20% discount (B, A, B). The site is recommending MB Ipswich MB Colchester MBChelmsford Has anybody any views on which garage is the most capable for an AMG or which to avoid??? kc
  6. kcsun

    Suspension up and down

    My SL63 has an ability to raise and lower the front suspension by 50mm using the "in dash" menu. The problem is that by the time I have accessed the menu found the setting and then altered it the speed bump is a mile behind me!!!! Is there a way of making it a "quick one button" press??? kc
  7. kcsun

    Bloody dogs!!

    Just went to move the wife's Q5 and found scratches up the drivers door. She visited a "friend of a friend" yesterday and their dog was "so pleased" to see them it bounced up and down the door!!!. I cannot print my thoughts here!!! We do have 3 dogs and none of them would even dream of doing...
  8. kcsun

    Mequiars Snow Foam

    I ordered some SF from Amazon about two weeks ago, it arrived and I put it on the shelf in the garage. Went to use it today and it seems to have separated? is this normal??? kc
  9. kcsun

    Decisions first A service

    My SL63 will be a year old in March and will need its first A service, at the moment it has 1600 miles on the clock. It is a UK car, but is at my holiday home in SW France, so I now have to make a decision 1. Have it serviced at my local French Mercedes dealer Slavi in Tarbes 65 2. drive it...
  10. kcsun


    Was hoovering out the boot and noticed that I do not have a jack or wheelbrace in my car?? I do have the foam, compressor and wheel nuts. Does a 19 plate SL63 come with a jack??? The user manual seems very vague kc
  11. kcsun

    Connecting a C-Tek charger

    My new C-Tek has arrived for the car and as well as the crocodile clips there are a pair of eyelet connectors. The earth eyelet is easy to connect to the earth post but I cannot undo the screw on red terminal, it just keeps turning??? Any ideas? Have attached photos kc
  12. kcsun

    Wanted SL63AMG brochure

    2018-2019 SL63 AMG brochure/price list UK version wanted kc
  13. kcsun

    Gave the new car a quick swish over

    Thought I would post a couple of this weekends highlights Went out for a nice cruise in the sunshine Then when i got home gave the car a wipe down with Mequirs quick detailer (car has ceramic coating) Then tucked it up in its nice new duvet! kc
  14. kcsun

    Engine builders nameplate

    I looked closely at the engine builders plaque (trying to decipher his name) and noticed that there are "water spots" on the plaque, tried water and then soapy water, and finally Mequirs quick detailer. None of them worked and did not want to get to vicious in case I rubbed the paint off Any...
  15. kcsun

    Mercedes Me

    I am collecting my SL63 on the 1st October (not long now - getting all excited) Should I get the Me adapter or is it not worth the effort??? Most of the apps I have on my phone I use for the first week and they then just sit on my phone (iPhone) clogging it up. Is the Me app just a marketing...
  16. kcsun

    Hard wiring a dash cam on a new SL

    Is there an easy connection available to hard wire a dash cam in on a new SL? Is it better to ask an ICE company to install or will MB do it? Will it affect my warranty? I do not want to have a trailing wire to the cigarette lighter socket, so hard wiring would be the preferred option. I notice...
  17. kcsun

    New sl63

    Hi all, I am just about to pull the trigger and buy a pre-registered sl63 with 30 miles on the clock Couple of questions, should the car be serviced every year or are the service intervals decided by the ECU? I have been offered a service plan for £43 a month - should I go for it? How much are...
  18. kcsun

    Dealer demonstrators

    I am very interested in a demonstrator but cannot get a deal from the main dealer. When I have bought Audi's (the other side, sorry!!) in the past the dealership has to pay for the demonstrator after 3 or 6 months, is that the same with Mercedes? The car was registered on the 19th March so 6...
  19. kcsun

    sl63 amg

    Now the car has ceased production what kind of discount should I haggle for from a dealer?? have seen "new" cars on auto trader/pistonheads advertised from £88 to 111k?? kc
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