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    W220 Coilovers

    Just wondering if anyone had these fitted to there car, seem very cheap for what they are. Some positive reviews but just wondered if any forum members actually had them fitted. Airmatic Air to Coil Spring Conversion Kit for 2000-2006 Mercedes S500 W220 4PCS
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    W220 Pre Fuses location

    Hello, Just a quick and rather basic question, besides the obvious fuse boxes in the 2001 W220 S320cdi, I have managed to find one of the 2 large Pre Fuses that are linked directly to the main live wire. The one in the boot above the battery compartment mounted on the rear wheel arch under the...
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    W220 dead battery

    I have a 2001 W220 S320cdi and had an issue with a dead battery, in the past I had left it for a few days and found the battery would lose some charge especially during cold winter months but today was a bit more. I used the car on Sunday and it was fine starting and driving. Today I drove to...
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    Mercedes Dealer Service - Price Match

    After my brother was quoted £700+ by MB to replace and fit Pads and Disks to his B-Class he approached an indy who quoted less than £500 and after speaking to Mercedes to book in a car for an AC recall/update they asked if he had had the brakes done as it was showing on their system, he...
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    W220 thudding sound

    After investigating the ABS light on my car I drove to work only to be presented with a thudding sound coming from the front drivers side wheel area. It sounds worse at low speed but tends to mellow out when speeding up. I took the wheel off on the weekend to check the calliper bolts were...
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    W220 S320cdi ABS light remains on

    Hello, I have an S320 cdi (w220) 2001. The problem I have is the ABS light remains on whilst driving. This began after Removed the battery to power up another car I have in the garage. After replacing the battery in the s class it showed the ABS light and it remains on even after trying the...
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    W208 CLK230K not staying on

    Hello, I have a 2001 CLK230K that has been sitting in my garage for the last 9 years, I decided to start it up today so I added fresh fuel and a fully charged battery, it cranked over fine and eventually fired up but only for a second or two. I have sprayed a liberal amount of easy start in the...
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    W220 Rear window runner jaw

    Hi MB People, I have a problem with my rear window where it only lowers about an inch or 2 and then stops, but you can still hear the motor running. Sometimes it doesn't even move but again you can hear the motor running. When you push the button to raise the window it runs the motor and then...
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    2002 E200K Silver Saloon

    Hello, I am selling my dads car as he is looking to upgrade to a more modern and economical car. Its a 2002 E200k with only 78.5k on the clock, the engine and gearbox run like new and there are no electrical faults. It has grey leather interior with partial electric front seats and with no...
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    W220 sunroof issue

    Thankfully it has closed but my sunroof was having issues when closing, it was running slow and every time I clicked the switch it would close slowly and I would need to let go and press the switch again to get it going, almost like it needed to be reset which I am aware of the procedure after a...
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    Wanted: W220 Front right suspension level sensor - A0105427617

    Hello, Does anyone have a front right level suspension sensor for sale. Thought I'd ask before buying a new one. The error is on B22/9 - Right front level sensor, but all the sensors have the same part number. A0105427617 More info on part required: Airmatic - W220 S-Class Encyclopedia
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    W220 squealing noise

    My car has been running fine but a few weeks back I was getting a squealing noise now and then when I accelerated, recently the sound has been more constant and when pull away or rev the car whilst driving it gets louder but some times it just stops making the noise whilst driving along and then...
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    Happy New year. I have had my car sitting for the last few weeks and it has been running on reserve, took it for some diesel yesterday and as I switched the car on after checking the tyres the warning message appeared EL. POWER CONTROL VISIT WORKSHOP! EPC I had no issues driving the car, I...
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    W220 No heat from heater

    Hello, It that time of year when the cold weather arrives and windscreens get frosted and just like clockwork my heating has decided to stop. All bloody summer it blew hot air. Its a W220 S320cdi 2001 and I would usually link this to the thermostat but the car temperature sits nicely in 85...
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    W220’s clicking sound

    W220’s S320cdi 2001 I get A click sound that comes from the gear/centre console in the car when I press the brake pedal. This only started yesterday. Soon as I press the brake pedal a click sound emits from the centre console. Gear works and drives fine.
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    Random Air suspension issue

    I have a strange problem with my 2001 W220 s320cdi, if I jack the car up for a while the front struts loose some pressure and when it drops it looks pretty low, I can start the car and press the lift button but nothing happens, it only starts to lift and level itself when the car is moving. I...
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    W220 Knocking behind dashboard when going left

    I have a w220 S320cdi, just recently I noticed a knocking sound almost like several golf balls rolling around in a over size tube hitting each other on the passenger side behind the dashboard when bearing left over 30mph. Its nothing in the glovebox, sound like something has come loose but...
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    Faulty Tyre Valve?

    Hello All, I have recently had new tyres fitted, I did have an issue with a slow leak in the rear tyre but after changing the valve it seemed fine, I was able to check and add pressure when required. Just recently I went to check the tyre pressure and found I could inflate all of them except...
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    Interior cleaning

    I am looking to give the interior of my car a good clean, the roof headlining is quite dirty and I have never done it since purchasing the car. Its not so bad that there is stains, just the odd mark here and there. I have a steam cleaner but am worried about it damaging the headlining. I've...
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    W220 Wing mirror glass

    I needed a wing mirror glass for the drivers side on my S320 W220 model which would be heated and self dimming only to be quoted £347 for just the glass alone. This is direct from MB. Purchased a heated version on an auction site for £12 but its not auto dimming. I have decided to live without...
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