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  1. Benzowner

    Microsoft Office

    Hi all, I recently changed my hard disc for an ssd, cloned the new disc but apparently MS office treats this as a new computer and will not let me write anything. I think it is about time I updated my MS Office, I think mine is 2013 and I cannot find the disc or product key. Microsoft say the...
  2. Benzowner

    Gas Power

    Question, is LPG better than either diesel or petrol this What’s Best? LPG, Petrol or Diesel? | Dynamic Asset Recovery seems to suggest it is. The main reason I ask, I have noticed that many new busses in Bristol are now natural "gas powered for cleaner air" Why, in that case, have gas powered...
  3. Benzowner

    DPF and its demise

    Interesting Video, I know it's from Aus, but interesting non the less
  4. Benzowner

    OBD II Readers At Aldi

    Aldi are selling OBDII readers this week £16.99
  5. Benzowner

    Goodbye Mercedes

    Well, after more years than I can remember, my last Mercedes is going tomorrow. I will be then driving a Nissan Qashqai. Over recent years my car needs have changed and unfortunately MB no longer fill my needs. Ah well, I guess it was bound to end :( But you wont be getting rid of me that easy...
  6. Benzowner

    Anyone Used We Buy Any Car.....

    Just for interest I valued my car through this site, and unfortunately put the wrong registration number. I put LC instead of LG and low and behold the car came back as a Honda Civic valued at £1900. Re did the info with the correct number and it cam back with my car at £1300. Same details...
  7. Benzowner

    Best Product to Clean Roof Lining

    As per title, any suggestions what the best product is to clean roof lining. I have a few small marks on the lining so will probably need to do the whole thing as I am sure cleaning the small marks will leave patches :(
  8. Benzowner

    RIP Andrew Preview

    Heard today Andre Previn has passed, never forget him on the Morcombe and Wise show
  9. Benzowner

    Failed MoT

    Well, the car failed it's first MoT today, not bad after 12 years and 123k miles. Failed on a broken spring, heard that one before lol, and a CV joint boot was split. Should get the car back in a couple of days.
  10. Benzowner

    Energy Supplier Gone Bust

    Had an email from Scottish Power the other day which informed me that my current energy supplier has gone bust and that Ofgem have given my account to them. I now have to wait 4-5 weeks until I get a welcome pack from Scottish Power before I can change suppliers. What a pain.
  11. Benzowner

    Setting Clock With Comand

    I have an NTG2 Comand and went to reset the clock today. Noticed the Comand time was 14:30 and dash clock time was 12:30. Anyway, adjusted the Comand time and it wont change the dash time. I think I may have a problem, anyone help?
  12. Benzowner

    Comand Problems

    I have an NTG2 comand in my B Class and occasionally get "unable to read dvd" I eject the dvd and it is very warm, leave it to cool down and all works again, is there a fault, maybe a cooling fan not working?
  13. Benzowner

    RIP Clint Walker

    Sad to hear, died Monday Clint Walker, Western Star Tall in the Saddle, Is Dead at 90
  14. Benzowner

    Juddering on Tickover

    Any ideas? Problem is it is not all the time, the car still runs smooth even with 118k on the clock, but every now and then the tickover seems like it's almost missing, drive 30 yards or so and all is smooth again. B180 CDi car with 118k miles on the clock. No fault codes showing.
  15. Benzowner

    High Tickover

    Strange thing with my W245 B180 Cdi. When the engine is warm, if I have a high temperature set on the internal heater of the car, the engine tick over at 1000 rpm, normal setting engine ticks over at 750 rpm. Is this normal?
  16. Benzowner

    Hybrid Vehicles

    How reliable/unreliable are hybrids in a second hand car market? Obviously there is the batteries to consider, but scanning through tinternet you only read of problems never or rarely comments on how good these vehicles are, if they are. I may be looking, in particular, at the E300 Hybrid in a...
  17. Benzowner

    Brown Shoes.....??

    When did the latest tend of wearing brown shoes/boots with everything come into fashion? Recently attended a wedding and most of the guys wore brown shoes with blue suits, reminds me of
  18. Benzowner


    A few months ago had error code P0266(No.2 cylinder) which I put down to bad fuel, as after a bottle of jet cleaner and a code reset, had no further problems. Today had error code P0263(No. 1 cylinder), again a bottle of jet cleaner and code reset and it too has gone. The fuel use has changed...
  19. Benzowner

    Error Codes

    Had a problem with an error code which I enquired on here, so decided that as the problem was with the injector imbalance I would try some Wynns injector cleaner bought from my local car spares shop. Result, after a couple os...
  20. Benzowner

    Fault Code P0266

    I am getting the above fault code P0266 No2 cylinder contribution/balance what does it mean and is it serious? The car is running really smoothly either under power or tick over.
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