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  1. markjay

    RIP Christopher Plummer
  2. markjay

    Poetry Corner

    The Unknown Citizen W. H. Auden - 1907-1973 (To JS/07 M 378 This Marble Monument Is Erected by the State) He was found by the Bureau of Statistics to be One against whom there was no official complaint, And all the reports on his conduct agree That, in the modern sense of an old-fashioned...
  3. markjay

    Damp Wall Treatment

    We have use of a flat that isn't ours. The wall under the bay window is constantly wet. I am unable to tell if the water ingress is from the window seal or the wall itself (it's on the fifth floor and access to the outside wall is limited). The issue is that mold keeps reappearing on the...
  4. markjay

    Current COMAND Map Versions

    This is the current situation today, 18th November 2020:
  5. markjay

    New petrol and diesel car sales will be 'banned from 2030'
  6. markjay

    Mini Moke, anyone? Anyone had one 'back in the day'?
  7. markjay

    JD-Weld advice

    As per title... which of the JB-Weld products is best for glueing back in place the ornamental metal bits that broke-off from the top of our Victorian garden railings?
  8. markjay

    Foreign Affairs

    Budapest, Hungary, 1956 Prague, Czechoslovakia, 1968 Crimea, Ukraine, 2014 ....will we now have Minsk, Belarus, 2020?
  9. markjay

    Nick Felton Productions

    The rather amateurish format is no match for the established commercial channels such as the History Channel, but he does come across as a true enthusiast who knows how to pick all the right topics: Highly recommended.
  10. markjay

    CONAND Online NTG4.5 stopped connecting to the Internet

    The Internet connection on my CONAND Online NTG4.5 (via the mobile phone) hasn't been working for the past week or so. The Bluetooth Tethering is fine, I can see the connection on the phone, but it seems to fail to log-in to the Mercedes services. Anyone experienced similar issue recently? I am...
  11. markjay

    Banham Locks Question

    Question re Banham locks... see below. This door has two Banham locks, that use the same key. Unfortunately the key is lost, and the card with the code cannot be located. We can still open the door from inside (going into the property through another door). My questions are as follows: a...
  12. markjay

    New vacuum cleaner for the car

    So I had a Dysan rechargeable cordless vacuum cleaner for the cars, and it worked fine. But it had just enough battery capacity for one a half car, which I found annoying when setting out to clean both cars (mine and the missus'). Living in a flat in London, using our Henry or Dyson with a long...
  13. markjay

    W204 facelift owners - where is the ECO symbol located in you instrument cluster?

    Does you instrument cluster look like that: Or like that: Note the different location of the ECO symbol.
  14. markjay

    RC Concorde

    Blyme, RC planes are getting bigger..... at this rate they'll soon build a lifesize one! Quite an achievement, though.
  15. markjay

    RIP Max von Sydow

    Max von Sydow obituary
  16. markjay

    RIP Nicholas Parsons

    Nicholas Parsons: 'Broadcasting legend' dies aged 96 after short illness
  17. markjay

    Beware: eBay fraud combined with armed robbery

    Masked thugs beat up and rob couple of cash in terrifying gun point raid after they travelled 190 miles to buy Mercedes they saw on Ebay
  18. markjay

    Looking for advice and recommendations for a party venue in London

    No.3 is about to turn 18... :) I have been looking for a venue around central London to host a party. It may seem like a simple task but it has so far proven to be more difficult than originally anticipated... :( Can anyone recommend a reasonably-priced party venue that can accommodate 50...
  19. markjay

    Latest Maps Version for COMAND NTG4.5/4.7 - November 2019

    The latest version is now v19.0 A 172 004 63 99. It's a free download, though the installation requires the purchase of a PIN code.
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