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  1. andy27168

    Ebay Help required

    Hi Guys Wonder if someone can help me I recently bought a door wiring loom for the rear right door of my CLS 55 from the states (nothing available in the UK at the time). The auction clearly stated Right Rear door loom. It was delivered yesterday and it appears they have sent me the Left Rear...
  2. andy27168

    M113K Starter Motor Replacement

    Hi Guys, My starter on the CLS has always sounded very labored unless the battery was 100% charged, always bothered me a bit but just assumed it was a symptom of the overly power hungry electrical system in these cars. I was updating the software, clearing codes etc on STAR the other day and as...
  3. andy27168

    Japanese Import C55 AMG

    Evening Gents, I am in the process of selling my Audi Cabriolet, and I am getting the urge for another AMG to join my CLS 55 (probably sell the CLS in a few months if i can bare to part with it with lol). I am being drawn to a C55 AMG Saloon or Estate, mileage doesn't bother me to much but I...
  4. andy27168

    CLS 219 Door Wiring Loom

    Hi Guys After having a slight accident when removing my rear right interior door card, I have snapped the ribbon cable loom for the door lights. Loom is on back order from MB and with lock down god only knows when it will arrive Anyone breaking or got a rear right door card with this loom, I am...
  5. andy27168

    Mercedes CLS Rear Shelf vibration Elimination

    Hi Guys, As the title says I sometimes have a vibration on the rear shelf when I turn up the stereo, turn the Bass down gets rid of it. I have the back seats, parcel shelf, blind, speaker, shelf removed totally bare. All seems to be well sound proofed and has sound deadening sheets in place...
  6. andy27168

    CLS Auto boot closing, have i got a problem?

    Hi, CLS55 AMG MY 2006, Auto boot closing is noisy, doesn't always close, starts to close put doesn't even go halfway an opens again, press the close button again immediately again and it will close fully and is whisper quiet. I thought it might be detecting something in the way and aborting the...
  7. andy27168

    CLS55 AMG Vin No. Required for a RetroFit

    Hi Guys, I am finding myself in need of a little project to do, my CLS55 is quite highly optioned from the factory but one thing I have always wanted to fit was Linguatronic. I know many of you will say that it is really not worth the hassle as its pretty useless especially on a MY 2006 ntg1...
  8. andy27168

    CLS55 4 Spoke to 3 spoke steering wheel

    Hi Guys, Whilst in lockdown I find myself trying to think of things to do in the way of improving my AMG. As I have some wear on the leather on the existing steering wheel and always up for a mod or two I want to fit a facelift 3 spoke one. I have read somewhere that fitting of the three spoke...
  9. andy27168

    Mercedes CLS 219 Front Pre Fuse Box Location

    Hi, Due to a non functioning Airmatic Compressor on my CLS55 (2006 Model), I need to check the fuse for the Compressor which is in the front pre-fuse box, thinking it was in the passenger front foot well I have taken out the carpet and removed the plate bolted to the floor that has a load of...
  10. andy27168

    CLS 219 Wet Passenger side front footwell

    Hi, I have not been using my CLS55 much since buying a 207 E350 CDI Cabriolet, less than 500 miles since June. In this time it has been sat on my driveway. I noticed that the inside of the windscreen and front windows had started steaming up inside, this led me to find that the front footwell...
  11. andy27168

    Plug and play COMAND Replacement Android System

    Hi Guys, I have recently replaced my 06 Audi A4 3.0TDI Convertible with an Mercedes approved used E350 CDI BlueTEC AMG Line Premium Cabriolet 65 plate. I thought the new Comand system would be far superior to the one in my CLS55 but I find just as awkward and clunky. So I have been investigating...
  12. andy27168

    M113K Supercharger

    Hi Guys, My CLS55 has recently developed an excessive whine/rumble from the Supercharger, to say I am P**sed off is an understatement as the car has done less than 100k miles :( This expense has come right on the heels of having to replace all four tyres and a front Airmatic strut, so as you can...
  13. andy27168


    Hi Guys, Looking for a staggered set of 19" wheels for my CLS55 AMG. Anybody got anything?
  14. andy27168

    M113K Supercharger Belt length

    Hi Guys, Can anyone tell me the length of the Charger belt required with 83-84mm Pulley and BWK? I seem to remember that there was a chart somewhere with all the different size pullies and size belts required with/without a BWK, I searched and I cannot for the life of me and need to get one...
  15. andy27168

    WANTED: CLS Orthopedic Seat Pump

    Hi, Wanted Orthopedic seat pump for a CLS 219, Mercedes A 211 800 01 48 or Bosch 0 132 006 367 Alternatively as these seem to fail quite a lot if anyone has a broken one as I might be able to make a good one out of the two. Let me if you can help. Many Thanks :thumb:
  16. andy27168

    Mercedes CLS55 Battery questions

    Hi, I am thinking of replacing the boot mounted battery in my CLS55, apparently my car originally had a AGM battery fitted from the factory and now has a lead acid. Mercedes and the official EPC state that it should now be a lead acid. Can anyone think why Mercedes changed it? Whether...
  17. andy27168

    CLS Rear view mirror interior light replacement

    Hi Guys, I have replaced all my interior lights, puddle lights with LEDs, and now want to replace the ones in the rear view mirror. I cannot figure out how, or even if they can be replaced does anyone know whats required?
  18. andy27168

    55k Charger Tensioner Pulley Bolt

    Has anyone changed their supercharger belt tensioner recently? that might have the old one still lying around? I need the centre pulley bolt off it as I have rounded off the internal Torx splines on mine :doh: I want to replace the bearing on the pulley.
  19. andy27168

    CLS55 small indash sampling fan/sensor

    Hi, There is a small fan behind the lower dash trim to the left and just below the instrument cluster indicated by a small round grill, I believe it is for air sampling for the climate control system (had a similar one in the 202 in the interior light panel by the rear view mirror) and as my...
  20. andy27168

    Mercedes CLS 219 Aux Input

    Hi, I have a 219 CLS 55 55 Plate, 06 MY, with Command (NTG 1?? I think) Harman Kardon sounds, with TV Tuner and OEM IPOD Kit. I have noticed that when you press for video on the command unit on the left of the screen there is the option of selecting DVD or TV, and on the right hand side there...
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