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    Y85 exhaust Gas Recirculation Cooler Bypass Switch Over. Fault Code 53336/6058

    Sounds like a weak thermostat, which is common.
  2. J

    Y85 exhaust Gas Recirculation Cooler Bypass Switch Over. Fault Code 53336/6058

    What is an S220? It's not a W220 as the S-Class never had a 4-Cylinder Diesel. Do you mean a W212 (Saloon) S212 (Estate) E220?
  3. J

    2004 E270CDi Drone/Buzzing noise

    Anyone got any ideas. I've got a new Rad and Transmission Filter kit including pilot bushing on standby but this hum/drone has decreased with new engine mounts, if I bounce it on the throttle when it's doing it the frequency changes and it sounds like it's coming from the rear, bushes look good...
  4. J

    2004 E270CDi Drone/Buzzing noise

    It was a remarkably strange model. A hybrid of the PFL and FL models. It had the OM642 engine with 722.9 7G Gearbox. Problems included: -swirl flap motor failure due to the poor turbo seal, and linkages being so fragile it's almost impossible to replace in situ. -A wiring loom that had been...
  5. J

    2004 E270CDi Drone/Buzzing noise

    Well I've changed the engine mounts and transmission mount. No vibration through the seats at idle now and no shudder on engine shutdown. Welded up the broken exhaust mount and give the exhaust a good shake, seems solid. However this deep drone is still there. My transmission, shifts smooth...
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    2004 E270CDi Drone/Buzzing noise

    Definitely, was wondering if the double skin on the box had failed internally and was rattling around but I got under and gave them a good shake they seem solid. Then I noticed there was a metallic rattle at idle barely noticeable, climbed under and what do you know the driver side mount has...
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    2004 E270CDi Drone/Buzzing noise

    Good afternoon Gents, I’ve just purchased yet another Benz my 7th overall (an expensive hobby) It’s a lot nicer than my previous and much more expensive E320cdi oh how I hated that V6 and 7G box, most unreliable! Anyway the latest acquisition is a late 2003 53 plate E270CDi elegance...
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    Help Urgent! OM642 W211 E320CDi EGR Pipe

    Hello Chaps, I was attempting to fix the small leak on my EGR Flex pipe and made it worse. Basically the top two bolts that go into the side of the housing where the EGR motor and Exhaust Pressure Sensor are have stripped the aluminium. Originally it was just one and I had a small leak, now I...
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    PWM TC Lockup solenoid 722.6

    Hi Gents, Discovered the issue with my newly acquired w210 e240 is actually the TC lockup solenoid pulsing in 5th around 50-70 this raising the revs around 50-75 under partial load. Dropping down a gear it disappears. Question is this was a cheap motor I'll eventually do the conductor plate...
  10. J

    E240 Fluctuating Revs when cruising

    Just bought a cheap 1999 W210 E240 Prefacelift Elegance. I've never seen such a comprehensive history, it drives better than my 211 [emoji23] Anyway just a quick one. I've fixed the airbag light occupancy sensor wiring and the washer jets, just the rust to cut out and it's a good un. When...
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    W211 om642 exhaust smell interior

    When idling I can smell exhaust fumes in the cabin goes away with the recirc button and when moving. Checked the exhaust at the rear no leaks or soot deposits on the egr pipe, turbo to cat, manifold inlet pipes to turbo. It's quite choking! Changed the charcoal cabin filter and it blocked the...
  12. J

    leaking injector seal

    Replace your pollen filter with an activated charcoal one, they remove most smells, it's likely you've got a old filter or standard paper one. Look at the right hand side of the bonnet you will find a cover held down by a 10mm but. Unbolt lift and slide out, replace filter and breathe. Sent...
  13. J

    B Pillar Fabric in w211

    I will attach photos of the job I've just done which I'm very pleased with. As most will be aware the B pillar fabric often wears due to exit and entry along with the seatbelt hitting the b pillar causing an unsightly tear in the fabric covered lower b pillar panels. I bought some black...
  14. J

    Front wheel bearing rear seal abs ring???

    So which bit is magnetic? Behind the rubber seal? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. J

    Front wheel bearing rear seal abs ring???

    Hello gents. Upon inspecting my recent abs sensor problem I noticed that the reading kept falling to 2km/h every few seconds and setting the abs esp defective codes. Code was front right speed sensor visually inspect component. Pulled the hub and noticed the rear seal is missing rubber. Is...
  16. J

    ABS sensor misreading w211 help!

    Hey there just got round this week to replacing the following Upper and Lower Ball Joints Drop links Thrust arms Car is so much tighter now. However as I was pressing out the right front lower ball joint I tried to remove the Speed sensor, plenty of plus gas and a screwdriver only to break...
  17. J

    Harsh ride quality w211 knocking...

    Had it in 2 months ago to a specialist who said it was all fine bar a split in a ball joint cover on the strut arm. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. J

    Harsh ride quality w211 knocking...

    Evening Ladies and Gentleman, I've got a 2006 Pre facelift E320cdi v6 7g I bought in March and it's been a PITA rotten brake pipes, broken rear springs, faulty turbo actuator, swirl flap issues etc etc. It's running sweet now [emoji108] However I have a knocking on rough and uneven surfaces...
  19. J

    E280 2007 Poly v belt change. Om642

    Hi mate did this job the other week. 1) is to remove the y piece of the turbo three jubilee clips and two plugs from the mag sensor. 2) unbolt the turbo outlet pipe metal section there's a 13mm bolt in mine might be an e10 original one 3) unbolt the two e10 headed bolts holding the plastic...
  20. J

    E320CDi V6 OM642

    Back to square one today kangarooing!!! Anyone know a good place to recalibrate the positioner to the turbo without removing it? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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