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  1. Alex Crow

    turbo seal

    Sorry, lost my toys out of the pram again ;)
  2. Alex Crow

    turbo seal

    Not all techs will disapprove, I devised the use of this resistor to fool the ECU, and published my results for free. Same with the CDI3 EGR mod. All I ask is that credit is given when ever anyone makes use of the free information I give :D
  3. Alex Crow

    Scam phone call.

    My father-in-law has a whistle by the phone, and will blow it into the receiver at the slightest provocation - seems to make him happy. The place I used to work had a good system, always tell sales callers that they need to speak to 'Mr Thompson', and that he was out of the office. Every time...
  4. Alex Crow

    EGR Valve?

    The EGR valve on this car costs circa £450!!! Cleaning them rarely helps, if it is at fault the bypass in my link is the only cost effective remedy.
  5. Alex Crow

    EGR Valve?

    Yes, it might be, but that would be a guess - I suggest you have some diagnosis done. How can you be sure it is not in one of the various levels of 'limp home'?
  6. Alex Crow

    EGR Valve?

    Hi, If you have the 210 E320 cdi (you do not say) they are prone to EGR valves failing, and your symptoms fit. Obviously it would be best to have some diagnosis done before attempting a repair. If the valve does turn out to be at fault, one option will be to disable it. If going down this...
  7. Alex Crow

    CLK 320 Stuck in Park

    Buy the switch from Mercedes!! Rob, if you need one I keep them in stock - are you near Stowmarket?
  8. Alex Crow

    W203/M271 with P0020 fault

    Just how retarded is that exhaust cam? I suspect the exhaust cam has jumped its timing, could it be 1 whole tooth out?
  9. Alex Crow

    (300e 24v) Replacing Ignition Module by an aftermarket Electronic Ignition

    It controls advance and retard in various engine states, with reference to rpm and manifold vacuum, as well as engine temp. That is just for starters though, it also generates the rpm signal for the rev counter and fuel injection module. There are other functions and complications too - a lot...
  10. Alex Crow

    W210 Limp mode?

    Still available, 320 cdi2 is £13.68 inc vat, CONTROL LEVER - E Class 1985 - 1994 E250D - Mercedes-Benz Parts, Inchcape 220 cdi2 is £3.42 inc vat...
  11. Alex Crow

    W210 Limp mode?

    Yes, the short metal link rod between the M55 and flap linkage is available on its own - mainly because it is known to wear and drop off at one end. Part number A613 094 00 30 here...
  12. Alex Crow

    W210 Limp mode?

    I hate to say i told you so, but... It was the M55 (inlet port shut off motor) at fault, and the loose arm will have been hitting the manifold on occasion, jamming it. This is what will have triggered the fault code, as I said. Now it is connected it will be fine for a while, until it falls...
  13. Alex Crow

    127 Hours - tonight at 9.00pm on Channel 4.

    Have been looking forward to seeing this, having read the book - a real page turner, if you will pardon the tired cliche.
  14. Alex Crow

    Home Security

    Hi, the first 3x points on the wish list are easy to satisfy, but the 4th will be slightly harder - you will need a static IP addres for a start. I can recommend the wireless Friedland Response, has all the (first 3x) fetures you could want, is easy to install, easy to add PIRs etc as you...
  15. Alex Crow

    Ignition Lights Coming ON with no key in ignition - ML270 2002

    A failed switch would be my first guess, quite common on this model and a cheap part to replace.
  16. Alex Crow

    V6CDi loss of power

    Hi, am sure you will find the inlet port shutoff system problems equally likely on the 280 as the 320 - both have the same system. The thing with the manifold and the bolts....the manifolds have various items bolted to them, such as the fuel filter housing and inlet port shut off motor. To...
  17. Alex Crow

    W210 Limp mode?

    No vacuum, all electronic. There are specific codes detailed in that site I gave the link for, but as I said, it will be a duff motor (the M55) or jamming flaps/linkage.
  18. Alex Crow

    W210 Limp mode?

    Yeah, sorry about the bad attitude there, just frustrated with trying to steer you towards getting those codes checked! My bad. Moving on, you did get the codes checked (good), and we have a lead. The fault relates to the inlet manifold shut off flaps, nothing to do with the MAF sensor, EGR...
  19. Alex Crow

    W210 Limp mode?

    You are miles away, miles and miles. That is the turbo, bolted to the exhaust manifold. The EGR valve however is bolted to the inlet manifold, and has no external parts that move. You need help, ideally a friendly Mercedes expert who can help read out those fault codes to give you a starting...
  20. Alex Crow

    glow plug light

    Why did you have the relay replaced?
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