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  1. fatdazza

    Any great business ideas?

    You missed the third: Banking
  2. fatdazza


    Good job your car didn't stall in the water, you would have had to swim for it! :rolleyes:
  3. fatdazza

    Still some nice chaps around...

    Strictly speaking, I suspect your insurer will require that you notify them of all "accidents" you are involved in ;)
  4. fatdazza

    Why do some lorry drivers think keeping their momentum is more important than safety?

    Probably because there are many more car drivers than HGV drivers.;)
  5. fatdazza

    Starbucks: What a rip-off!

    Sorry to pick you up, but you actually did not save anything. You actually spent £2.
  6. fatdazza

    R/C Helicopter

    Well, if he is nearly three, he certainly won't want an RC helicopter, he will want: An XBox1, with Call of Duty, Fifa Soccer, a large screen tv to play it on and a year's subscription to Sky Sports Also a good bottle of single malt with some chocolate liqueurs. I should know as that's...
  7. fatdazza

    Cyclist fatalities

    Well, I would blame the government for energy price rises, but since politics has no place on the forum, I am happy to let cyclists take the rap :D
  8. fatdazza

    Help! Speeding offence

    Oh you are going straight to hell for that one - YouTube
  9. fatdazza

    New Owner - Love my Detailing :)

    Are you in any chance linked in any way with Autobrite Direct? You seem to only use only their products, and when asked about another manufacturer's product (GTechiq C2), you state you have not used it but "suspect" it is more expensive. Just would prefer it if people are honest so that...
  10. fatdazza

    Sir David Beckham?

    .....awful fool?
  11. fatdazza

    The Poor Man's Watch Thread

    Cost me about £30 from Argos five or six years ago. Replaced the strap with an Animal Velcro wristband. Has a nice glow in the dark button. Even reminds me the day of the week (forgetful in old age) Has had a couple of battery replacements at around £5 a go. Worn every day, whether at...
  12. fatdazza

    The dangers of coffee on the go.

    This is how to do it properly.
  13. fatdazza

    This could be tragic news....

    Oh for the heady days when the EU had a wine lake :rolleyes:
  14. fatdazza

    Supercar V Superbike

    What really concerns me is the gaffer tape used to tape up the slots in the screen. It is not designed to go on bikes at 200mph. What if it were to fly off? It could hit an innocent bystander and take their eye out. :D
  15. fatdazza

    More Jokes

    Couple in their nineties are both having problems remembering things. During a check-up, the doctor tells them that they're physically okay, but they might want to start writing things down to help them remember .. Later that night, while watching TV, the old man gets up from his chair. 'Want...
  16. fatdazza

    Lost your keys?

    And this is why the tile will never catch on - how can you fix a tile to a marble?
  17. fatdazza

    Lost your keys?

    Given the title of the thread it's a bit late buying a tile if you have lost your keys! You need to buy a tile before you lose them.;)
  18. fatdazza

    Caption Competition

  19. fatdazza

    Caption Competition

    "She was one red hot lover!"
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