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    W210 E300 Windows Playing Up...

    Guys, Just picked myself up a little workhorse, its a '99 E300 TD, though it's got a small problem (I knew this when I bought it). Basically every now and again, the windows get stuck when I open them, when i disconnect the battery and leave it for 10+ mins, everything works again, and it...
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    2004 W211 E270 Service Indicator Reset

    Guys, Anyone know how to reset the service indicator message on a 2004 E270? My father just bought one (for his work) and he has just serviced it himelf (he's had E-Classes for as long as I can remember), but does not know how to reset the service message, anyone know how to do this? I...
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    W208 Bits - Speakers - Wheels - Eibachs etc

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    Sony PSP & Games & Extras

    S O L D
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    1998 CLK230 Kompressor For Sale

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    Brand New Road Angel 2 and Road Angel Navigator

    Brand New Road Angel 2 and Road Angel Navigator - SOLD I have been sent these from Blackspot this morning. Due to me purchasing a Snooper Indago Sat Nav unit I have the following for sale: 1) Brand New and Sealed Road Angel 2 (New Road Angel) - SOLD :) Includes Road Angel, magnetic...
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    Recommended Engine Oil CLK230K

    Guys, Quick question.... Going to do a service on my CLK this weekend.... In my rush to get to work this morning I forgot to pick up my handbook / servicebook!! What oil does MB recommend for a 99 CLK230K? I seem to recall 10/40? also how much do I need? Cheers in advance :)
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    W208 Suspension Questions - Eibach Springs

    I fitted some Eibach Pro Springs to my W208 CLK approx 5 months ago.... Recently I have noticed the car has started tramlining a LOT more than in previous months, on my 18" wheels and now on the standard 16" wheels which I have put back on for winter, also the car has started being affected...
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    'Big Pop Off' for your CLK/SLK ;)

    A classy upgrade for your CLK230K LOL :D
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    4 Wheel Alignment + Surrey

    Can anyone recommend a good place to get my alignment done on my CLK? Pref around the Surrey / Sussex areas Cheers
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    W208 CLK Aftermarket Wheels / Tyres

    Thinking of changing my wheels on my '99 W208 CLK... Does anyone know what the safest tyre size is for a 8" rim? I am considering changing my Brabus Monoblock V's 8.5" front with 225/40/18 and 9.5" rears with 255/35. The problem I have is I like the staggered look of the wider rear...
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    Wanted: W208 230K Brabus or AMG Exhaust

    Hi, Am looking for either a Brabus or AMG exhaust for my 1999 CLK230 Kompressor. Must be in good condition. Thanks
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    Peugeot 306 XSI For Sale

    Don't know if anyone would be interested, so worth a try! Selling my 2nd car as it's not being used anymore: 2000 'W' Peugeot 306 XSI 2.0 16v (137bhp Engine) 99,500 Miles 5 Door China Blue Pealescent Paint 4 Previous Owners 12 months Mot 1 Month Tax Spec: Alloy Wheels Air...
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    18" Brabus Monoblock V's fitted to my CLK

    Finally managed to get round to fitting my Brabus Monoblock V's to my W208 CLK on the weekend. Have to say I am most chuffed with the result :D :) Thought I might get some rubbage especially now the car has Eibachs fitted, but the 9.5" rear wheels just slot straight in :D Comments...
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    W208 CLK Before Eibachs and After

    Some of you might have been following my post in the Wheels and Tyres section, this is just a update really. First mod to the car, next weekend the 18's go on :) Here are some pictures of my car before the Eibachs went on:
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    WANTED: W208 CLK Avantgarde Springs

    Wanted: CLK W208 Avantgarde Springs, from a 230 Kompressor if possible. Cash waiting. Thanks
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    18" Brabus Monoblock V Wheels and Tyres

    I have just imported 2 Sets! of: 18" Brabus Monoblock V wheels from Germany. Wheels are scheduled to arrive on Wednesday, so will put some decent pics up once I have them. Set 1: Genuine Brabus Wheels (See Picture Attached) 8.5" Front Wheels with Dunlop SP Sport 9000 225/40/ZR18...
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    Fitting Eibachs to a W208 CLK

    Hi, Has anyone fitted Eibach Pro Springs to their CLK? I have a set here, which I have not fitted yet, but was wondering how they will affect the ride quality? - I've had them before on my old Subaru and they were excellent, but the weight difference between the two cars is much greater...
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    For Sale: Brabus Back Box - W209

    Back up for sale: Brabus Back Box - W209 Hi, If anyone is interested... I have a mint condition Brabus backbox for sale. To suit W209 4 Cylinder Engines. I ordered it from Germany, and it was meant to be for my W208, but they sent me a W209 one :( I would send it back, but...
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    Fitting Amps to W208 CLK

    Newbie alert :) I have recently bought a 1999 W208 CLK. So far been extremely impressed with the car, apart from the stereo which is appauling. So the plan over the weekend is to fit some component speakers and a couple of amps to the car. Has anyone run RCA leads through a CLK...
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