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    Sheraton hotel Edinburgh

    Guys ,has anyone had any experience of the hotel ? I've booked a few days there for my wife's birthday ,she wants to see the Royal yacht. I booked it because the website says it's got it's own car park, my question is ,will it be difficult to get a parking space there or would I be better...
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    Lookers Mercedes dealership

    Guys, I've just seen on the internet that Lookers have brought Dayton Mercedes and Knights BMW /Mini. Dayton own the dealership that I use at the moment, I know Lookers had a car super market at Burton that didn't have the best reputation. I was thinking, do I need to find another dealer? I...
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    W205 coupe advice please

    Tomorrow I have a appointment to view a w205 coupe at my local dealer. I have a few of questions that I hope you guys can help me with. 1, with it being a brand new model is there any chance of a discount? I have to admit I'm not expecting any . 2, if there's a waiting list of a few months how...
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    Which dealer ?

    I'm hoping to order a new C class coupe ,but I want to see one first, so I went to my nearest dealer which is Drayton Mercedes Stoke. I spoke to two different salesmen one said they would have one in by December the other said between January and March. They said they were being messed about by...
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    Another newbie

    Hi guys I'm driving a Focus ST3 at the moment and hoping to order a C300 coupe as soon as the dealers get one in to look at.
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