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    W202 plug wires

    Good day all. My. 1999 c240 is fitted with 2. 2 kilo ohm plug wires. But the dealer supplies 3. 3 kilo ohm units as replacements . I find a markable reduction in performance with them fitted. What are you recommendations, will doing a CPU reset help.... I have gone back to the old plug...
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    w202 front door lock replacement

    Help please, how do I remove and replace the actuator on the w202 front door locking system. This system is fitted with a remote that opens and closes the windows.Iv striped it down to the point that I can hold it in my hand but cant get it down to remove and replace the actuator any assistance...
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    w202 1999 c240

    Front door lock removal assistance please RHD MODEL I'VE got it to the latch been free from the body but I cant move it down to the check the actuator Any assistance will be apreciated.
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    Not solved! Assistance please ,w202, 1999, how do I remove and replace the front door locking actuators, all the other doors work fine, I've tested and its the locking mechanism. I can detect the air bypassing when operating the remote button.
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    w202 ac compressor

    Andbody out their with a serviceable w202 c320 ac compressor unit, pleas let in as they are unobtainable in SOUTH AFRICA. and our rxchange rate is going for a loop
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    w202 c240 Mercedes Benz 1999

    Anyone know how I can get a schematic diagram of the cpu for the engin management with a 112910 v6 2400cc motor
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    w202 1999 c240 v6

    Can anybody please help in any way . Where is the idle control valve on a c240 v6 motor .(engine number 11291062274128)
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    w202 c240 v6 motor

    Can anybody inform me where I can purchase a diagnostics tool with lead a list of codes. Mutch apreciated!
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    air conditioning compressor and under dash fan required for w202 c240 v6 motor

    Hi all. My Benz has covered 413000 km and is starting to require a few parts! The air conditioning compressor and the under dash fan motor,any assistance will be highly appreciated thanks
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    engine miss firing

    How can I detect a mis fire on a 6 cylinder twin spark v6 w202 c240
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    w202 1999 c240 schematic diagram of the engine wiring

    Good day all, I have an intermittent fault that causes the motor to run very rough at low revs. Above 2000 rpm it runs as normal.Any help will be appreciated
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    w202 fuel pump and filtre c240 1999 model

    Hi All, Can anyone please inform me as to why their are 4 pipes on the pump and 4 pipes on the filter unit 2 on eitherside of the pump and the same on the filtre. Much apreciated.
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    w202 1999 model c240 fuel/gas filters

    Can anybody inform me if their is a fuel filter in the fuel/gas tank on the w202 v6 c240 and c280 series. Please
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    schematic diagram w202 v6 c240

    Has any one out their in www have a schematic diagram of the wiring loom for the engine I understand that the c280 motor wiring loom is identical.Please gents.
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    c240 w202 v6 motor

    My v6 c240 w202 2000 model old shape is only firing on 3 cylinders. Iv checked all 6 coilpacs and plugs and all test fine.Any further help will be appreciated please!
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