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    Fault code 5501 Critical Vehicle Level at Rear Axle???

    My car only has air suspension at the rear. It went flat to the floor a couple of days ago and the pump won't kick it. The garage says it had a fault that read Pump Enabled Ready to Work (ignore this fault) and 5501 Critical Vehicle Level at Rear Axle. He cleared both and only the second one...
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    W211 Delphi, Firstline or Lemforder??

    I need to replace both front track rod ends. Mine get a fare bit of hammer because I live a mile up a very rough farm track. Of the 3 makes mentioned, which would you go for??
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    W211 Rear air suspension failed: what now?

    I need your help please guys. The car looked fine as I walked towards it but within 50 yards the red warning "Vehicle too low" came on and the back end is almost on the ground. The car is back home (and so am I) and the rear of the car is on it's bump stops. Does this sound like a suspension...
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    W211 pre or post facelift?

    I really enjoy the Elegance interior of my 2004 E270 but I worry about the SCB and my car doesn't have heated seats: so I'm wondering if it would be worth trading up to the facelifted E. Are they better than the Pre facelift cars??
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    W211 E270 with a bit of a whine?

    My autobox ran very low on fluid last month so I had the ATF and filter changed to be on the safe side. I'm now getting a bit paranoid because I'm sure I can hear a slight whine at town speeds. Should I be worried??? The car is on 188k but has a FSH from new.
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    W211 E270 Exhaust Fumes Getting Into Car

    KwikFit have checked the exhaust system and my Indie has checked everything else but cannot find any black sooty marks that would indicate where the leak is coming from. Any idea????
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    2004 E270: what should the AFT fluid read on a dip stick?

    I've ordered a dip stick that hasn't arrived yet and I have a long journey coming up and would like to check the AFT level before setting off. I can probably find another flexi dipstick but dont know how far up the stick the AFT should read (if it has the correct amount in it). Do you what it...
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    Opinions on a 2012 E350 please

    Took a quick look at a 2012 E350 today. Only 2 owners, FMBSH and 30,150 miles from new. It looks like a really lively car. It's on at £15,499 which seems a little toppy. It has some nice extras though. Your thoughts please, on both the car in general and the price. Thank you in advance.
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    Lost Drive today. W211 E270cdi

    2004/186k miles and FSH. I've had it for c8k miles without any issues. Driving gently today the transmission shifted through a couple of gears (as normal) and then, what felt like a jerky shift, lost drive completely at about 40mph. The engine revs dropped to tickover. While coasting, I...
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    Cleaning and softening the seats: what is best?

    I have a 2004 W211 with AMARETTA/LEATHER/NAPPA/SEMI-ANILINE - BLACK/ANTH. Amaretta is a kind of man made leather and isn't leather at all. I'm hoping this isn't what the seats are covered in. Nappa/Semi-Aniline is a high end leather: I'm hoping this is what the seats are covered in. Please...
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    W211 Hot burning smell after front brake pad change.

    I changed the front pads yesterday (mintex) and took it for a 40 mile spin today. It was fine on the out run but there was a hot burning fumy smell on the way home. I poked a finger through the wheels when I got back and the front hubs were hot. Is this a charictoristic of the SCB system...
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    Running without an under-tray?

    Mine became detached just behind the middle section while driving slowly through 6-8" of water last week and got properly mangled and broken up as it was rolled round under the car. It's now in about 6 pieces and it will be a while before I can find a replacement of repair the damaged one with...
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    W211 SBC brake pads: I'm going in.

    It's brake pad time. I plan to raise the car, lock it (until it's all finished), take the wheels off and leave it for 15 minutes before dismantling the calipers to clean things up, change the pads and put it all back together. Q: what have I missed out before disaster strikes. Phase 2: I was...
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    2004 W211 seat covering?

    What are they made of? Mine look like leather but Im not sure.
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    Where are my spare keys?

    Can't find them anywhere. They should be in the filing cabinet with the log book and stuff, and I've looked in all the other files too. don't suppose you guys know where they are?
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    w211 brakes binding

    The pads on one side of the disc has worn while the other is like new. The whole thing is hot after a run too so I'm pretty sure the caliper isn't free on it's sliders. I'll be ordering new pads today so what is the best method of freeing up a seizing slider?? Thank you in advance.
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    Ball joints and grease

    Just fitted two new drop links (t'wikes Nissan). They were pretty devoid of grease so pried the boots back and packed some in there. What are your thoughts on adding grease to new ball joints?
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    Would this push back out??

    The wheel arch lip on the front wing of my W211 was dented at the weekend (my fault, wind blew the gate against it). As you can see, it has caused a couple of cracks in the paint finish too. Could I tap this out with a hammer and chisel, caaaaaaaarefully?
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    Intermittent Radio interference. W211

    Some times it's fine, sometimes there is a lot of crackling. It doesn't seem to be related to where I'm driving and it only crackles on the radio and not the cd. Any ideas?
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    Rear tyre extreme wear on one wheel. W211?

    Just noticed this. The NSR tyre has worn down to the wires on the inside shoulder.:eek: The outside shoulder is bald too (which is what caught my eye) but nowhere near as bad. The middle of the tread is ok though. The other rear tyre is fine and the car seems to drive ok, with the steering...
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