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    Hi if this topic has been discussed before then I apologize in advance. Anyhow, with a budget of 40k I'm perhaps looking at either GLE43 or a GLC43. Will be a coupe and leaning towards the GLC as the GLE 's cabin is a little outdated. Can anyone give me any feedback on the two? For my money...
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    Service A

    Wifes E class is 12 months old with 10k miles on the clock and it's advising for its 1st service in X amount of days. Thought it was not due till 15k? so I'm I correct in assuming that I can leave it for a few k more miles until I take it for a service.
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    UPS delivery question

    Ordered a jacket from Italy, but on delivery I'm out and parcel has been left with neighbor. Knock on door and neighbor now denies all knowledge of receiving any delivery. What now? Need this on a Saturday morning.
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    Wtb- c63

    2012 onwards. Colours- grey, silver or black. Not red or white. Let me know your spec and price.
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    E-Class..Which one?

    I'm starting to lean towards buying a new E-Class especially now as its had a rather nice looking facelift, but what engine size should i go for. I'm not worried about fuel consumption as i would imagine they will not be poles apart. Is the 350 the way forward, do you get more toys thrown...
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    Belstaff Panther XXL

    Gents, i have a BNWT's Belstaff Panther in black/brown. Size is XXL but being Italian sizing more like a L/XL. New there are near on £1000, my price is £680 all in. Any more info then don't hesitate to contact me.
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    Jumping from a RS4 to C63

    Any member done this. Sold my B7 Avant a while back and I'm considering a C63. Just hoping a few members may be able to give some comparisons of the 2 cars. Performance is there much in the two, i imagine running costs must be very similar. Would like to hear any feedback......
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    CLS Buying Advice

    Firstly Hi every one, first post so be kind. Having never owned a Merc i thought i would start off with a CLS but as always in need of advice. My budget is around 30k can go higher if need be. Main criteria is diesel and leather, sat nav being a must. Is there only one engine size in...
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